World’s first ‘human composting’ site to turn dead people into soil

The facility is set to open in Seattle, Washington, in 2021, and company founder Katrina Spade describes it as a ‘death care revolution’
The company says, ‘Bodies are covered with wood chips and aerated, providing the perfect environment for naturally occurring microbes and beneficial bacteria.
‘Over the span of about 30 days, the body is fully transformed, creating soil which can then be used to grow new life.’ A body turns into around a square metre of soil, some or all of which families are encouraged to take home, ScienceAlert reports.

Katrina Spade…mmmkay.

madness … i don’t see it wise to take home your wife’s body as gardening soil to your kids to plant flowers … i just don’t get it !

Isn’t that what we do, anyway - Maua pale kaburini?

im sure the smell is horrenous

when i die spread my remains at the beach …also i dont want to be cremated or decomposed

When I die toss me in the dustbin, I never cared about people while alive it’s only fair they accord me the same callousness.