World marathon record holder Kevin Kiptum dies in a road accident

Just like wanjiru, destined for greater things then, gone, just gone


I mentioned this thing 2 months ago. It is the same thing in the animal kingdom, Understanding Lion infanticide

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Wah… Na venye he appeared to have a bright future…

Most likely he was speeding in a Prado…

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He will remain the Greatest If in the marathon world, he is the only elite marathoner who legitimately looked like he would run a sub 2 hr marathon. His death is a cruel loss for all Kenyans and the running fraternity. Mans deserve a state funeral!

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Ive seen the wreckage on X, it was a saloon car but judging by how mangled the body was the car must have been doing over 140+

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Whether factual or not, this will cast bad light on Kipchoge who obviously felt challenged by Kiptum and this year’s Olympics would have been the perfect place to witness handing over of the marathon king baton. Kipchoge has surprisingly not been a good sport, i recall when Kenenisa Bekele beat Haile Gabreselassie in 10k the two embraced and the elderly guy was happy that his countryman had stepped up and would ensure Ethiopians remained on top, it’s very surprising that Kipchoge does not hold this view. I hope and pray other budding runners learnt from Kiptum’s dedication and we will have another legend come through that magnificent Iten training ground

It’s really sad man. Gone too soon

Dont drink and drive.

Toyota Premio

Did America stop requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for visitors?

RIP the incoming GOAT :goat:, just like Wanjiru we have been robbed a legacy marathoner.

I suspect foul play.

Main suspects

1 Ethiopia , Kiptum was to rule the marathon records for the next 20 years and they would have lived in the doldrums

  1. Kipchoge Eliud, Kiptum had dethroned him in the worst way possible mpaka aka kataa kumu acknowledge

  2. Kale Marathon rivals .

Nimechoka phuck this shiet

You’re surprised Eliud is not a good person? Well I have news for you :sweat_smile: He’s always been this salty