World longest glass bridge opens in China

Hehe…apana tambua fake mushaina tings. I’m getting a mini panic attack just by looking at it. If you love your life you will not use this bridge.

Hata hio Apple unatumia is manufactured in China.

Kwani hawa ma Chinese wanatoa wapi pesa

Si tujenge moja huku Rift Valley or pale pale Mt. Longonto crater

kindly request post

The world’s factories are based in China. Some year back Trump in apprentice said all corporate usa have HQ in usa where the ceo is based but the production plant is in China where the chief operations officer is based.

Hahaha hao wamelala hapo sasa ndio makosa wamefanya. They have already given up…kuamka itakuwa balaa…labda wakujiwe sasa

Shaina man ndiye kusema sasa, ndiye undisputed silent super power

It is a tourist attraction in China

That was fuckin scary even for me.

The world’s 2nd biggest economy on the path to overtake the US as a economic superpower in 15 years . China ndio baba , soon to be mama wa dunia .


I think that I love that adrenaline rush from walking on that glass. I’ll do it one sweet day.

Perfect sir… Trusting in God for a great year

Unless they imported that glass… Sigwes panda