World Intellectual Property Indicators the new economic drivers

There is a direct relationship between the number of patents and industrial designs that a country has and the state of their economy.

Quite simply put, the new economic driver is not just industry but new technology.
To put it into perspective, lets imagine that someone discovered a new way of producing energy, e.g. self sustaining fusion reactor (something that developed countries are keen to do in the next ten - 30 years) this would drive down demand for oil and petroleum and definitely shift things around economically (depending on whether you are an oil producer or consumer).
Now to come up with new technology requires heavy investment in cutting edge research which is mostly the type that ordinary mwananchi doesn’t understand and doesn’t understand why anybody would want to understand! It also requires a culture that embraces hard core science and engineering, that wants to ask questions and get answers; the same answers…establish fact from fiction, solve a problem in the cheapest most effective way possible.
Imagine a day that food would no longer be grown in a shamba, but 3D printed from a soup of quantumly (quantumly is my personal industrial design :slight_smile: generated atoms, fused together into a design molecule say carbohydrate with artificial ugali flavour. That my friends is the future!

And it is the nation that is able to give the world the future today that is the nation that remains relevant tomorrow!

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When Germany was coming up in the late 19th century and early 20th century, they filled by far the most patents and their universities produced the most and very high quality research papers in europe. They would soon catch up with britain and overtake them economically.
China now beats USA in that sector, evidence all over China will bypass the economy of USA in our lifetimes


Germans are afraid now

stop dreaming young man. Food cannot and will never be printed. The sun will burn out before this is done

“Hogwash!..if God intended man to fly, why he’d have given him wings…” said Lord- BuzzKillington

innovation like any other industry is influenced by cartels.

what are you saying?