World Economy on Brink Of Collapse

This shit is going to hit hard in 2024-2025. Jiden is trying to lose hard and leave trump holding the bag


Kwa hivyo hata hii ya btc at 42k ni illusion tu?

US economy is a strong as ever. Kamata stock market, employment and production data kabla ujipate uki payuka payuka bure.

The economic data makes no sense

The Federal Reserve Bank is currently winding down its ’ repo program, the repo program has been going on, since the Obama recession period till now.The repo program entails the Fed passing around vast sums of cash between banks every night.The repo program tricks the system into thinking, it’s more liquid than it is.As this program is been wound down,war keeps expanding.War will lead to the system having liquidity,until war can’t sustain the illusion of liquidity.Of course,by then, the new digital system will be ready to be rolled out.But the people remaining will have to beg for it first.All of the ongoing wars are rackets to inject liquidity into the system, the Iran one is a warning to all, not to threaten the petrodollar.And the stock market will keep going up,as the global economy continues to collapse