World Cup analysis- African teams can’t score

Senegal - 0-2. Tunisia 0-0. In it to play for boring draws? Europeans, middle easterners , Latinos have all scored. Asians will probably push one past Germany tomorrow.

What happened to wall passes, through passes into defensive lines.

How do you train all your life, play 90 minutes and barely threaten a goalie. Anything within 35m, I am shooting with my chobo mob skills. This why I miss players like Peter Dawo and Wilberforce Mulamba.

Anyway watch Argentina using timing runs to score 3 times. No skill required, ujanja tupu. You just stand by the last defender and your teammate hauls it right infront.

how is Tunisia an African country ? those are expansionist arabs on african land and in due time we will send them back to shithole yemen or Palestine

The Africans teams we’ve seen so far were playing to defend against formidable opposition.

Senegal were happy to try just eke out a draw with the Dutch. Tunisia taking points off Denmark through a barren draw felt like a major coup for them in their table.

Senegal were understandably cagey and decided to prioritize defensive solidity (the key strength in their current team) over forays higher up the field. The loss of Mane means serious loss of attacking star power so they primarily sat back.

There’s been a long standing argument that the Mediterranean Arab countries a.k.a. North Africa, should secede from Sub-Saharan Africa and join the Arab countries in the Middle East and form a bonafide new continent called ARABIA.

These North African countries are geographically in Africa, but psychologically, socially, politically and economically, they are not and are actually more connected to the Middle East Arab world. I remember some sentiment not so long ago where Moroccans and Tunisians said they felt more connected to next door Europe than the bonobos down under. Morocco actually contemplated EU membership at some point…

In football, there’s also the argument that they have been hogging a lot of World Cup CAF qualification slots over Sub-Saharan Africa, due to better sporting infrastructure and better personnel for their team. This includes a lot of AFCON glory.

Waende hio ARABIA. I know CAF will now get 9⅓ slots in the 2026 World Cup but still…

Sounds like they gave up before the game started. Why not put 5 men in the middle then - Classic Italian style offence. They were the underdogs. So if they lost 0-7 or 0-1, same thing.

In my opinion based on why I saw, Mane wouldn’t have changed much. You need primarily 3 or 4 attackers to guarantee success. One man attacking and the rest spectating wouldnt have moved much. If you doubt me check the teams that have won and see how they’ve done it.