World Champion Masturbation- Kawasaki superman

Am on that end of you tube once again. i was going through VPRO metropolois on you tube and i came through this kawasaki legend.


ferk this…can’t edit that post.

i don’t wan’t to watch but does he feed only on raw eggs and njugu?

what is happening…in words…net ni 20kpbs cant stream

i also don’t know …@byro atupatie synopsis…

Why do you want to edit?

I dont watch such things. Even @kush yule mnono wont watch it either.

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Acheni kurudisha kush canaan




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Canaan indeed! yaani alirudi misri?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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:D:D:D:Dnot that he is naked in front of camera or something. He’s just giving story of how he masterbates 8 hours non stop. Ata amepewa award, na dame wake humsaidia pia akimaliza job zake… Anasema ni hobby.

Hawa ni watu wa Telegram

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Welkom in Nederland, waar alles mag en niets moet…;);):wink:


wewe ni nini mnashikwa na mabibi wa wenyewe silent lodge bungoma ovyo ovyo?


ilikuwa K24

ati hobby??..

Na haka kajamaa?