World Bank has given Kenya a loan of $100 million For Daadab Rfgee camp.

The Government has received Sh10.8 billion from donors for the support of refugee camps, including Dadaab, which President Uhuru Kenyatta had vowed to shut down two years ago. Other than benefiting a million residents living around the refugee camps, the donation will also benefit more than half a million refugees, bringing into question the Government’s hyped decision to close down one of the camps.
The World Bank has given Kenya a concessional loan of $100 million (Sh10 billion) with an additional $8.18 million (Sh818 million) from the Kingdom of Denmark, which will be used to address the impact of communities around Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps.

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He has been bewitched by the central bankers!

Quick send for a medicine man to remove these evil spirits.

Loan for refugee camp!!! Is that infrastructure development? Kama ni loan ya Bara Bara it makes sense ,but loan ya kulisha alshaabab cartels!!! …misplaced priorities. Bure kabisa

We are being sold to the highest bidder day by day. Uhuru and his cabinet and their respective families have each accumulated so many millions of shillings in their retirement funds that they will never feel the pinch.

Ruto 2022

Ignorance of certain people has led as to this circumstance

He he

i think uhuru is selling us out seriously, lazima he bought his icc freedom by agreeing to gobble up alot of debt.

I see githeri media is very hard at work doing what they do best; creating fiction to get us riled up unnecessarily. From the WB’s website I read the paragraph below regarding this loan:

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2017 — The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a project that will support Kenya and the Horn of Africa to lessen the human and economic impacts of conflict and violence particularly among communities that host refugees.
[B]The Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP II)[/B] will improve access to basic social services, expand economic opportunities, and enhance environmental management for communities hosting refugees in Garissa, Turkana and Wajir counties in the northern and northeastern parts of Kenya. It will provide integrated area based support for refugee hosting locations in these three counties by reconstructing and rehabilitating critical socioeconomic infrastructure and more importantly by endeavoring to contain regional spillovers of conflicts. (Link to the full article)

Clearly this isn’t a loan to develop Daadab, despite what the Standard wants to tell us. Now, if we want to debate the merits of a loan to provide certain services to NE counties sawa, lakini tusianze kwa uwongo wa media.

a loan to feed refugees and it is those same international cartels aka worldbank/ UN that are forcing us to host them?! Uhuru with his ‘please love me everyone’ attitude is a joke!

the need arose due to hosting the refugees they are forcing us to host. so same thing

Expanding access to social services wouldn’t have been a need for NE if we didn’t have refugees?

this project even by its very defination is due to strain and conflict caused by refugees.

Boss why spoil the party. Do you work with Rotich?

He he he …am laughing at you a second time this morning.

I agree that the refugees have added to the strain/conflict there, but can we also agree that the community has had its internal conflicts pia? I’m trying not be all doom and gloom about Kenya and this project. Perhaps the outcome of the project will be a net positive for the 3 counties and not the disaster we are imagining…

Refugew camp si you get donations for running it. Why get loans? Some economist explain this shit to me like am 5

Nakumbuka Spear akibishana na mimi about Daadab. He was adamant it’d be closed by end of that year. Nikamwambia yeye na Uhuru watafute watoto wadanganye. That’s when he added me to ignore list. Kenyatta government has been on a mass dumbification effort for 6 years now.

And they are not doing pulling stunts on the public.

This loan is not about Daadab.
They just took a loan because it’s the easiest loan they could justify. Tomorrow they’ll come up with a new reason to take another loan.

They are not in government to govern. They are in government to get rich. You are an ATM.