Workplace Romance

John Allan Namu is married to Makena a lady who is three years older than him. Together they have four kids. Watch the great love story here


Tupe yako wachana na za wengine.

transcript priss. muhindi ameblock youtube

Makena is a good lady. Namu is a fresh guy. He was a bully in high school though and captained the rugby team to unprecedented losses for 4 years.

He mellowed out after seco.

Ata betty na okari hawakuwa wanawacha tupumue, na waliwachana tuuuuu.

Makena trapped Namu.

Nishapeana yangu hapa check my earlier threads

Haha leta yako na Nyaloka

I have been trappped wazito.

Who has trapped you? If you rose to the occasion it means you can marry her just like Namu did.

Se isnt older, but younger. Lakini nimefinywa sanaaaa. After she got pg she has been a nightmare. Na nimetumia pesa mingiiii. Bitch is on self destruction mode.

Just marry her then for you to make her PG ulimkamua sawasawa…Probably more than once…You made your bed kindly lie on ir.

She has repeatedly been on hunger strikes and has severally let herself fall to the ground deliberately. These are unusual problems. Niko karibu kununulia hospitali ambulance in hospital charges. Wameli saidiaaaa.

Sounds like she needs a mental check-up.

I suspect so. Nilisema hivo akaenda real mental. Nikatumia process murefu akaenda. Sasa she wants to come back na mimi na fence sit. buying time. Staki kwenda full scale war juu sijui shida iko wapi. She said she will keep the pregnancy no matter what it takes. I am avoiding drastic actions like having the baby born and left at my doorstep or at a relatives doorstep. So playing it cool. Na hakuwa mbaya until now.

Pole sana. mbona hukuvaa condom?

Now I know where u work

wewe ni mzee aje dadi?

endelea kujua. meffi