Working out

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=5]Swali tu…why do people wear jackets/hoodies while working out[SIZE=4]??[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]

Unataka wavae nini?

To burn more calories b/c it heats the body when working out

never looked at it that way

No it doesn’t. It only dehydrates the body

Mkambathe, hio dehydration/sweating ndio burning of calories…meffi…Ama unafikiri watu uenda sauna kwanini?

I prefer a tshirt now that I am back to the gym. Most sweat suit jackets have a thin rubber lining that makes you sweat more. You can loose water only which is just some temporary weight that you can regain after hydrating. There is no proof anywhere about more calories being burnt since you will sweat more with such a jacket.

Mara nyingi huwa ni body image issues. Body dismorphia. Uko sawa lakini ukijiangalia unaona hutoshi mboga sana unavaa hoodie kujificha. At least for me.

It all boils down to personal preference.personally I like em tight tops to keep them bitchez ogling

Mimi huvaa hoodie juu ukifanya tizi in a tshirt halafu uchapwe na kabaridi your muscles cringe na itakuwa ni kama warm up tena…otherwise the hoodie keeps ur muscles warm na kwangu this way i lift more…it may not be proven scientifically but that is how i like it.


Ng’ombe amesema anapenda ivo ghasia.
Otherwise vipi?

sweating isnt burning of calories meffi.

Hata wale hawajawai enda gym ka mimi pia wana run mouth hapa

  1. concentration/ focused- u concentrate much coz ur body is well covered fala ikifungua dirisha wind doesnt affect u. imagyn squating 200+kgs na upepo inakuchappa kifua bila notice
  2. Sweats more, which makes the workout better.
  3. More importantly, Keeps muscles warm, makes you be able to do more reps. Muscles work better when warm.
  4. Makes me look buffer

Proper pre exercise hydration and warm ups for 15 mins before serious exercise.

Hoodies or no hoodies does not matter as long as you feel comfortable.