Working Out to be an Alpha

Bro, you took back a kunguru wife that left you the moment you went broke to go ride rich guys’ cocks. She was getting creampied somewhere as you slept hungry. You can NEVER be alpha even if you put on 250 kilos of pure muscle. Join @byro over there at the village beta males corner:D:D:D

the formula to becoming an alpha includes a major component of ignoring women and prioritising your life. they realize you are not a sucker, and they are drawn to you like a magnet. women want the guy who does not care much if he gets the girl or not. the man who thinks ad acts like “women are like matatus, moja ikipita kuna engine next”. That woman will know you have options and will cajole you to board her matatu instead. Not suckers of men who act as if life will crush if they miss the matatu, read the girl.