Working in Uganda

How is it working in Uganda? I’ve gotten a job offer, I’ll be based in Kampala but not sure whether I want to relocate.
For Kenyans working in Uganda or those who know a thing or two about working in Uganda, what are the pros and cons?
I have until Tuesday next week to make a call.
Post script: I have a good job here in Nairobi but the new offer is a promotion with a better pay

An international exposure on your resume will be an added value. It also literally offers a wider horizon.

I did one year in western Uganda, food/alcohol is cheaper than Kenya and Ugandans are very friendly.

Nenda Uganda acha uzembe wa kuzoea comfort zone.

@madova na @shoti_mzito watakuambia shortly.

You mean the ones who kneel?:smiley:

Mosa ako Kwa ground ask him

A Congolese friend once told me, If you want to get rich, move out of your country .

Being an expatriate is a nice decoration on your CV. Go fot it na uwache uoga, UG sio Southern Sudan

Are you asking about Work-Life balance? Are people there friendly? Like Are girls forthcoming and cheaper to handle? kama Utapata the infamous kachabali to be specific? Is that what you’re asking? Coz i dont see any other reason you would turn down such a golden opportunity.

@Mosa kuja hapa kidogo.

Ngoja watu wa ‘kuajiriwa ni upuzi’ watoke lunch. Utapigwa mateke mingi sana

The only issue I experienced was with the internet. Kenyans take for granted how good our internet coverage/access is. Other than that Uganda is a nice place. Very generous food portions. Good security. Locals are not hostile like Tanzanians.

Really,you think this is what he want to hear.

Make the call.
Good pay + international exposure is good.

Which industry/sector is this?

It’s the manufacturing industry

All the above :smiley:

Breweries? If so, then I guess I know who you are idiot.

Kama ni mhindi…50/50.

UG kuko sawa, indernet ndio very shitty