Workers Money

Ukrainian Labourers at Atwoli’s Home[ATTACH=full]310142[/ATTACH]

Wah, alafu ile Ni garage yake huko? Na hii generation, atwoli akitaka anaoa hata Bibi kumi

Tuna tombwa kweli nakumbali. Wanatuona hatuna akili kabisaa na venye maisha imelemea Wanjikus

Naona umejua kuhusu context.

This should give you a hint into just how warped the average bonobo’s psychology is to consider having a white maid as a status symbol. Ukweli hamuwezi saidika.

ile siku ya my day with you kwa KTN, atwoli alikuwa anaishi kama panya.
anatumia T-shirt na short ya cotu kama pyjama. mpaka duster ilikuwa T-shirt mzee ya cotu
penye alikuwa aki ball, ni kupika chai na electric hotplate

ama hizo masiku hakuwa amejua pesa?

Atwoli supporting workers from all over the world by employing ukrainians. The champion of the worker at his best.

Charity should have begun at home!!! Saa hii wafula, na wanyama wenzake wanalinda poma ya muhindi wakipatanishwa na mabibi zao

The Kenyan establishment just needs burning at the stake. With all that comfort, he still gets to shape the country’s political direction. Yani ni kama pesa ya workers haijamtosha, lazima pia he decides who peasants get to vote for.

That display explains why he can summon Baluhya MPs and give directions on politics. He is also the financier of quite a few of them.

Pesa Ni kitu Muhimu maishani.

Having a muzungu mboch can guarantee winning an election in any mulembe constituency in western

Nyeuthi gani ingine iko na ata muindi ?

That muzungu mboch alone probably earns him more respect among nyeuthi then his entire contributions to workers movments.

It will proberbly be the thing about Aywoli most people remember after his gone

In short, its a continental achievement…Africa yote

huyu 1995 alikuwa amenukisha kitunguu mbaya… labda nikuficha white

I saw this, it was a big story yesterday. Kenyans are ballin’ like a maafaka nowadays.

@Tony254 you wouldn’t believe how this African man is living. Mzungu housemaid. She cooks, cleans, washes hands and e’erythin’!!

You and your buddy Khalid Mohammed must be proud. RIP to Mr. Mohammed he said it like he saw it. Thanks for the video. (Or was it kamau who posted it?)

I heard somebody asking, “Why would such a beautiful young girl choose to waste her life, her career with such an old ,ugly mzee…?”

Now they know.

Naskia she has a chauffeur on standby 24/7 hata akienda KTN to “keep herself busy.”

And there were more photos doing the rounds. If all the dead settlers in colonial Kenya, Hitler, Winston and every slave owner in America could wake up and see this…

I have been served by white people many many times in restaurants na sijawahi ringa. Sasa sijui shida iko wapi. Wakenya punguzeni ushamba. White people are just human beings like any other. Wengine ni machokosh hadi nimewahi kuwapea pesa wanunue msosi. Wacheni ushamba, white people are not Gods. Don’t worship them.

These are my people. I like how resolute they are infront of the white man. They don’t worship them the way Kenyan bonobos do. Have you watched this?

if i may ask, atwoli anajihusisha na biashara gani specific?

After watching the Khalid Mohammed video, I have just one question , don’t you in your honest opinion think that that guy is divisive ?

I mean he is calling other races names, calling other leaders terrible things. When you say that the two Jewish civil rights guys killed in Mississippi in 1964 died for nothing aren’t you just pissing people off on national Tv?,_Goodman,_and_Schwerner

unions have money. A shitload of money.

so uko sawa kabras sugar wakileta foreigners kufanya ile job yaeza fanywa na locals?