Work hard and be like Michael Joseph


He is ze man who steered the company yo greatness. The current @Midget is doing the opposite.


The guy deserves it all the future of saf was all his ideas hawa wengine ni kuimplement tu na kutuongezea call rates

You think he is that good. What happened at Kenya Airways?

He is trying to clean up the mess at KQ. You cannot blame him on this.

The same man who said bobobos have peculiar calling habits when safaricom was always clogged?

bonobos will always be peculiar and btw i wouldnt like to be like him because people will tarnish your name by giving you failing companies so that you can go down with it

What do u cleaning up while his wife(who was a non employee/director) was getting a 500K monthly stipend.He failed to turnaround KQ as a chairman…

I’m more interested in these betting firms showing KRA the middle finger.

Wacha kupiga kelele there its almost impossible to turn around KQ under the current environment?

turnaround is supposed to be done by the CEO not Chairman. btw who is the current thiefing CEO at KQ and kenyans chased away the former mzungu CEO?

KQ iko na wenyewe

But he was suppose to steer the company to sum profitability with his experience in collabo with top management not to give his wifey 500k

He is a racist.

Do you know he was receiving illegal bonuses at KQ. He was caught and had to pay back. God knows what else he’s taken there. He is a chairman. He has the power to change the culture.

Am not defending M.J, i don’t rate him and i think he’s a typical corporate crook otherwise he would not have accepted the KQ job in the first place…having said that i still think the whole KQ business set up would bring down any manager.
By the way your last two sentences are enough evidence that you have never worked for any public institution in kenya:D

You are right.

he deserves the bonus

Never trust these south African kaburus. Their aim is to suck mwafrika dry like they have been doing since the year 1647 when they landed on African shores.