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The biggest tragedy in our economy is not lack of capital to do business but lack of creativity to think beyond the norm. Go to any rural set
up…get 50 people, give them 100k to invest… 10 will start small shops, 10 will start a cloth selling business. ten will start bodaboda, 10 willl start
poultry rearing and the rest some subsistence improved irrigation farming etc. Within four months, the kiosks will be closing due to low returns, eggs and similar farm markets will flood the local markets.
Similarly, get 50 people in nairobi, give each a million. 10 will buy matatus, 10 will be buying plots to build rental houses, 10 will start importing some stuff from china, etc. In short, none of us have creativity to venture in areas like manufacturing. Yet, in every concept paper, we always talk of industrializing kenya. Flats and malls will never be
manufacturing industries.

  • by Thiongo Irungu

And yet when I share my lessons, get a lot of vile.


did you get a side mirror and at how much?

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ugly face enda tomba ule mama anakuosheanga nguo

we cannot all be innovators… so let people do well in what they can even chinese have grown due to copying stuff and not innovating.
as long as you copy well youre good.

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every one wants quick returns

The ideas you share are just too abstract, kama vile what is published in text books. Na si kwa ubaya.

Umesahau: 10 will bet on Sportmbesha, Betin and Mcheza and end up enriching muhindi…


Very true you can compare Asian mindsets with other Kenyan tribes mindsets. Asians are big into manufacturing. You never see Asians buying plots like its going to end. If its transport they are into it big time.
Second point most legit billionaires in Kenya are into manufacturing

  1. UK - Brookside
  2. DJ CK - haco industries
  3. Merali - Yana tyres

I did, got it at 9K @Jirani meffi jinga kuu ya Ujerumani nilikwambia usiwahi comment kwa thread yangu…nenda panguza meffi ya kacucu chieth!!!’

Decided to take a chance and build on some ideas I had… I always tell you guys, learn to be curious, always ask why&why not, can get very interesting insights into a whole new world

Sasa badala ya utujanjarushe ni kutuambia venye hatuko serious. Ebu janjarusha wanakijiji…

hehe I post what I have learnt over time, if it helps people well and good if it doesnt its all.cool

I support this thread but hii hapa ni porojo. You are better off calling them investors rather than they are directly into manufacturing.
Case study…i.e. they have 10m but don’t know shit about manufacturing so they give someone who is already doing it well like @Gio maybe and then he continues doing what he does best hence they make money in turn.

  1. UK - Hizi ni inheritance. Let’s not dwell much on this. In fact from all the wealth he has inherited he hasn’t multiplied it by much. I would compare him to Mark Cuban who despite making money from his own sweat after the sale of his company has not increased his wealth much since. We all know his largest assests lie on land i.e. real estate.
  2. DJ CK - has left Haco Industries for the dogs. Every company he goes through he leaves behind a trail of destruction e.g. uchumi too. He in fact made his first ‘monies’ in real estate. Buying run down buildings, renovating and selling at high costs.
  3. Merali - Yana tyres is not doing well of late with competition from imports. http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Corporate-News/Sameer-Africa-cuts-losses-on-cheap-raw-material-prices/-/539550/3151002/-/x46q2m/-/index.html
    Some have referred to him as Kenya’s Warren Buffet. He has interest in all sectors from banking, agriculture, manufacturing etc. In fact he started out in agriculture.

Most of these people are investors more than ‘starters’. i.e. get you running your company, look at your growth then pump money into your company for a large stake then appear to run this company.

Therefore you cannot compare the ordinary mama with them.

In fact in business, it is advisable to do what you know best. @Gio is an engineer so it’s easier for him to get into manufacturing. Now you try and see whether utarudi hapa ukilia pesa imeenda yote.

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You cannot get into an industry you nothing about.

In fact for me it makes a lot of sense if they get into smart farming…agriculture is the biggest driver of our economy and the economy of most sub saharan countries.

Poultry farming has very good returns if you are doing it seriously sii ile ya kueka kuku mbili. If I was the one giving the farmers this 100K in fact I would TELL them to get into agriculture but rather than these kupanda mahindi I help them get into the exporting business of rarer produce. They do what they love and what’s easy for them to understand and they smile all the way to the bank.

It is easier for them to work towards their own small Sasini, Kapchorua Tea, Kenchic etc in this manner rather than if they try to create Kenafric etc

@Gio I am sure if I told you hospitals make a lot of money and gave you 10m to start a clinic i.e. something you probably know zilch about ungepoteza pesa yote :D:D:D


Universities should try to get more graduates into entrepreneurship rather than training them to only go and get employed like in my class.

Now on average a university like KU, UoN has over 500 engineers graduating every year. If 5% get into entrepreneurship … that’s 25 new industries every year.

There’s truth in that, also believe that we can develop something in Africa that can be a solution that’s exported worldwide. Try and be on the forefront of technology, companies such as MoDe that have gone before us to set a precedent of what can be done

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Ukiendelea na hii mawazo ile kabuni yako ya kevlar itafika mbali. Nitakuona kando financial advise