Wonderful new innovation from Huawei China.

What an interesting innovation from Huawei. An under the screen camera. I believe this one is a first.

[SIZE=7]Huawei files a patent for under-the-screen camera smartphone[/SIZE]
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While pop-up selfie camera is a clever solution to get rid of the “notch design,” the risk of getting it broken is always there. The best solution that can be thought of is the under-the-display camera and that’s exactly what Huawei and a few others Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo are working on.

Huawei filed a patent for its under-the-display camera smartphone back in 2018 and it was published by WIPO(World Intellectual Property Office) on August 29, 2019.

Titled ‘Mobile terminal and display method thereof,’ Huawei’s patent showcases how the company is planning to nail the under-the-display camera technology in a smartphone.

Huawei envisions a smartphone that features a partially transparent display and the upper of it which is usually occupied by status icons like battery indicator, is where all the magic happen. Huawei placed under-the-display-camera at the level of the status bar (via Letsgodigital).


Interestingly enough, components like the LED indicator, light emitter, and even the flash has been placed under the screen.

When the selfie camera is not in use, everything stays as normal — the status bar icons can be displayed as they get displayed in today’s smartphones. The display remains semi-transparent(between 50-99%) during this time.


And when the selfie camera is in use, the portion of the display where the cameras and components like LED indicator are located turn into a completely transparent display. You’ll literally be able to see through it! According to Huawei, this will ensure good quality selfies. Further, you’ll be able to control transparency.


The patent also talks about the possibility of extending the transparent part to other parts of the display.

Again, we’re not aware of whether or not Huawei is going bring such a technology to the market, but if ever Huawei launches a smartphone with technology that has been discussed in the patent, it’d be revolutionary, to say the least.

have seen it in another phone before
kitu walinibamba nayo ni huawei fold use one for even a day and you will know it beats samsung fold

@patco kuom na ile iPhone yako mwitu. This time we are killing iPhone once and for all.
Hail xi long live China.

And they said that Huawei only knows how to steal US technology as they tried to kill the company!


:smiley: You have to admit that’s a cool gadget?


But Huawei is indeed quite innovative plus with their vast monetary resources they can hire practically anyone. They have several labs around the world. Just my two cents.


Apple will release that feature in 2025, and western publications will have multiple orgasms marveling at the company’s “innovation”.

With all due respect, I don’t even think Apple or the Americans are anywhere near where China is taking innovation. I have seen some Chinese gadgets that are just too insane. Especially in robotics.

It’s sad we can’t have the same in Ke.

i bet iPhone XIIIII will have NFC and free music,in two years, followed by a cataclysmic ejaculations:D:D:D:D,not forgeting Samsung makes around $110 from each iPhone X that Apple sells,being the only company that can make the OLED displays, NAND flash, and DRAM chip in the quantities that Apple needs for its iPhones, which are the main revenue driver for Apple

That mathematics cancels each other very quickly since Samsung similarly utilizes numerous Apple patented innovations.

And then there are the in house but independent vendors whom you probably have never heard of. Small companies that develop and sell innovations to all the big companies na wanalipwa pia very silently minting millions.

Huawei for instance hires U.S universities and pays the campus grants and scholarships via FUTUREWEI. Trump amekataa hio maneno.

Apple is known to hire scientists who are patent holders same for Samsung and others.

in short unataka kusema bila US na korea hatutaongea na simu? kuibiana ni lazima remember even graham bell ‘stole’ from,Antonio Meucci, an Italian immigrant,alianza kudevelop design ya talking telegraph or telephone in 1849 two years after bell was born. Symbiotic relationship in biz has to prevail,but some benefit more from others,in this case samsung…i bet you are an iOS die hard,buy america,build america

How many times must I repeat this surely… there is something called paying for patents and then there is outright theft!

You don’t have to steal tech ideas, you can purchase them! Na hata haikuwagi expensive hivo in many cases.

Hata wewe @Tom Bayeye you can start manufacturing phones with zero no-how but purchase the necessary schematics, designs, chip dies or complete chips etc. But ulipe sio uchukuwe S4 and reverse engineer… watakukujia when your phone is a hit.

Chinese steal outright! Hakuna patent wanalipa. They steal even from their own. That is one objective Trump is after with this trade war. Ndio maana alishika kale kamama. Her father built Huawei by looting U.S tech.

Most policy advisers in China actually support Trump. It is time the Chinese govt. became tough on patents and copyright laws. China herself looses billions from this theft.

In China huwezi imba wimbo ,shoot movie , develop app, write kitabu etc. Ni kama tu hapa river road ya Kenya.

And in most scenarios the patent holder won’t demand a payment at the beginning, atakuitisha a cut of the profits ndio asikulipishe mapema halafu you dont make any profits with the end product.

But I thought China/Huawei buys microchips from the U.S. ?

That’s about the only component they purchase simply because the chip is an evolving technology which the Chinese can’t innovate every year or every few years.

Hizo component zingine zote once they learnt how to hack them and build them, fuck patents.