Women's Day.

Happy women’s Day
And wine fine
[SIZE=1]When is men’s day[/SIZE]

Sawa @hakimoto enda uvae deira na ujifunge hijab. Gamma males kama mimi pan tambua hio siku. What is so special about women anyway? :smiley:

Phew ! ! ! Are you a virgin ? Is not, you’re a Homosexual . Kweli, ama rogo ?

Gay ni wewe am a married man. Niko in the mood for trash talking tu.


Ati hii uwezi hamsha nanii

In life nimejua coomer ni coomer anayebeba ni tofauti but tabia ni ile ile. Wacha nikae na bibi yangu juu body count yangu ilikua inakaribia 300 before i married.

He’s out of the closet now

Thengiu, though I don’t really know the meaning…

Every time it’s a woman related holiday. But for men? No one cares, even that woman that you bought dinner and a gift doesn’t care. So I also don’t care about women’s holidays

Makena Ni tree holder