Women's dating preferences are changing

Happy New Year to those I love and to those I loathe. Why don’t we start it with some good discussion … I’m all about mind nourishment this year.

It is said that men put preference on the sexual aspects when eyeing women while we only think about how much money a guy has. People even use the pseudoscience of evolutionary psychology to back up this unchanging “truth.” You know that stuff about, back in the stone age women needed the best hunter to survive and what not. I won’t delve into that.

But what we see today is evidence that evolutionary psych is false and that our flexibility and the control culture places on us is more influential in matters dating, actually in all matters. Women preferences for dating are changing and converging with that of men (theirs is also changing but I won’t dwell on that - ambieni blue handle ama sijui Nyakundi aangalie lol).

Among economically dis-empowered women we do see that they put the financial prospects or position of the man at the top. It makes sense though doesn’t it? If you give him a child you’ll have to slow down on your career ambitions relative to him so he MUST take care of you. It’s the social contract.

But among financially independent women, highly educated women, slays lol we see a different game. Yeah, we also think of future prospect but since we have money we look to other differences to pick the best long term mate. We also have greater liberty to add some spice on that and pick guys based on their bed game and looks and I mean body and looks. The ladies understand.

We also look at cues of who would be a nice parent now that money has been equalized. You got your dough and I got mine, no? So a nice yummy man with his life together issa good attraction. Money really isn’t a top factor at this stage anymore. If you want a good woman get yourself in order.

This makes sense now anyway. You have many women who are condemned to raise children alone in poverty because the men who were irresponsible and impregnated them still want to be campus boys going to party every weekend or playing with their so called “toys.” Which by the way is always the same narrow range of interests - pimping cheap cars (cheap is relative), playing the same video game released every year and buying jerseys to watch sports.
Lol you’ll barely hear, oh me I help paint walls, fix desks in poor schools in my free time or or i volunteer somewhere or me and my “boys” started this think tank. We get other young people to organize their ideas or I do canvas painting on Sato. You get, as in something that does not scream “Startepack”

No summary btw if you’re one of those lazies who look for one, the are usually those late night polls that are brief you can read those. Only slay queens and kings are needed here. Dhenks lol.

Took you long enough to figure that one out didn’t it?..you dozy cow,no wonder you’re still single.
You would have been better off playing with yourself instead of trying to sound intelligent na ni server unajaza na upus.

:D:D:D:D Kabuda amekupatia summary.
The good women are already married or are almost getting married. Uncultured stature loving swines are busy wakijazia admean server with their frustrations. For your information, you don’t give a man a child. How can you give him something that you do not own fully. The child is his as much as it is yours. Tafuta pesa zako ama ujionee miaka mirefu ama uendelee kulala kwa matress bila kitanda kwa hiyo bedshitter yako. Apana sumbua sisi hardworking men.

The writer despises guys who pimps cars
She thinks reach girls dont marry for money but chose husbands according to looks
She thinks playing video games and watching sports on weekends is being retarded, she suggests that you should instead be painting mud walls in a poor school
She ends with a retarded laughter

Dating preferences for men have changed to, tafakari hayo.

[INDENT]Well summarised @senji . The third sentence is actually the main point according to the heading of the thread, where women with money can choose their preferences which according to @girlciki93 is that they have liberty to pick guys based on their bed game and looks:- yani body looks.[/INDENT]

At the end of the day a woman will just be penetrated by a man…

Digressed into a bitch rant at the middle… #Downwithfeminazi

@girlciki93 ulijua kuosha kuma?

These so-called independent are busy dancing to Beyonce’s single ladies but in Beyonce’s own marriage alishikilia when Jay fucked some other broad.


Nothing wrong with gaming.
Currently playing call of duty.

More like picking left-overs. By the time you become financially independent, all the good men are gone.

So let me characterize the writer. 35+ and no man in the horizon. Sadly, the ship sailed for you over a decade, maybe 2 decades ago my dear. This narrative ain’t new. We can only sympathize. with where you find yourself. Its not too late. You can actually use your money to get average Joe next door. But noo, you want a super looker with Abs and muscles.
Do you even have the stamina to compete for his attention with young 21-24 yr olds who are not already with older men? You can’t win. The difference between a 35 yr old unencumbered man and your ilk, is this man can marry even a 21 yr old without shame but a 35+ year old unmarried woman cannot strut around with a young man not because of what society would think of her but of what her herself, thinks society would view her as. She would think everybody sees her as a cougar and she wont be wrong.

Dating preferences depend on how a woman is. some women have unrealistic fantasies in their brains and they chase that until they end up lonely @ 50…or in unfulfilled marriages. A wise woman sees a man’s potential, and the potential to achieve his and her goals. A wise woman makes her man what she needs him to be. cc Michelle Obama, Keyshia Ka’Oir, Pauline kalonzo.


Nitakuwa coast end of the month…I would like to play Call of Boobbies with you luv…:):slight_smile:

Patieni huyu dada yetu likes kiasi. Kuandika paragraphs hizi zote sio kazi kidogo.

:smiley: Only in jest.

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