Watch this on vice.
1.She had 2 children
2. Her ex was abusive
3. Beta male rescues her and she tries to kill him

She must have been the abusive one

Once she has had Johnte, the safe guy doesn’t give her butterflies. Single moms and society wants single men to take one for the team.

Don’t invest in any women, let the govt and NGOs do it

Alpha fucks
Beta bucks


Yaani wanaume 24hrs ni wanawake tutaongelea hapa. Shoga nyinyi without women none of you will be here


Calm down incel, if you were hurt by a woman , it doesn’t mean every woman is like that

This is a sex and relationships section. Men are only allowed to have relationships with women pekee. That’s why

Netflix as usual is feeding this entitlement by telling women that it’s okay for them to “want more” even after giving them “everything”


Classic who hurt you line…we need to realize some measures are taken not because you are hurt but to avoid getting hurt. I don’t need to be shot to appreciate a bullet proof vest.

Single mother akikuambia my ex was abusive. Just turn and run

…, sasa hapo ndio kamuchamaa huona it’s an opportunity to show how he cares, anabembeleza Alafu baadaye ana tafuta chairman wa mgtow. .

hii kitu ime wekwa hapa mara 60

Women resent beta males and consider their sperms as poison to their bodies. They respect psycho/ murderous alphas more than the attentive beta losers. Simps should be banned from siring kids.