Where were they all these years to wait till my screen hero is 80 years old? Eight of them, who assembled them?

with success comes people who want to eat the crumbs that fall off the main table. And women, (not all, just kungurus) are a sure way of downfall for all hard earned legacy.

Of all the people, Morgan Freeman!

:eek: I find this surprising!

I mean, this is the first time we’re reading about his very quiet sex life, yeah?

Assuming he has any. Didn’t the chap starting acting when he was well past 80? :D:D:D

Man! I hope the #metoo disease won’t affect Statham



Noooooooooooooo! Not Morgan!!! Chesos…



Mafeminazi wameamua ni scorched earth policy. Sisi kwishaaaaaa!!

Women and their BS. With one, comes many. They succeeded against Bill Cosby, which will encourage all manner of golddiggers to go after any celebrity they have ever screwed with a sob story of rape.

Nope, there was that time he was accused of having an affair with his step-granddaughter…
Morgan Freeman had affair with step-granddaughter: alleged murderer

My fren, ikiwa uko na kakitu ngojea hii upuss. Rule of thumb avoid kungurus.


what else?


What these “oh, I can now remember very clearly I was raped five decades ago” women want is just money. Unafak mtu, unazeeka bila pension, unakumbuka ulipea mtu Fulani kitambo na anakaa kilodi hivi… unalia “RRRRRRRAAAAAAAPEEEE!!!” Kwani how far is your pussy from your brain that it takes five decades for the signal that you are being raped to travel from your pussy to the brain? Kwani your pussy is in space? Hata kama ni space, si it takes light only four years to come from the next nearest star to the earth. Si I hear it takes only 8 minutes from the sun. Unarapiwa leo na kichwa inaregister after 50 years! Maembe.

Rkelly still dodging the bullet… Cosby is serving… Morgan seem like the next prey… Someone kwa confederate is doing a pretty job

Nothing else comes to mind. But the me too/ times up movement is a real buzz kill. Anything to bring down a successfull (black) man.

:eek: and then what else?