Sijui kwanini I find zero sexual appeal in women with tummies. Yaani nikicheki hako katumbo kwa dem I want nothing to do with her sexually.

I suspect its evolution that has equipped men with the ability to recognize fertility in women. Your eyes have been honed by millions of years of evolution to identify childless women. That small ka-tummy is usually the womb, after popping out several kids. It’s not in a young man’s best interest to copulate with such a female.

Tafuta PYT. Flat tummy. Curvy ass.

Can it be genes also ?

But you are gay!

Lakini wengi wao ni watamu. Akilala kifo cha mende tumbo hupotea. Most of them….

wengine ni pombe,junk na garbage diet

This islike a philosophical argument. Like. "what is good? " or "what is justice? "

Wide faced women will always have a tummy. I also don’t know why

Wacha itoke inje nione Kama ni ukweli.


Mr Darwin, fika kinyozi, let @uwesmake work on your head, whichever head it is, then get a massage hapo kwake naskia Ako na palor poa

bora ana kuma flat tummy is a non issue

Tunakula hao pia. Mchagua kuma si mdinyi

Honey pot ni poa. I’ve got one. :D:D:D

Tunawapenda sana pia.

Nilikuwa nataka kukuita utoe ushuda

tunapenda sana honeypot

Sasa women body parts have become topic of discussion in this kijiji?

If tummy is bigger than booty. Am out

Would you Smash …or …Pass …??? :D:D