Women Will Choose Money Anytime !

A college ghel just told me to my face that she would rather be like Haentel Wanjiru and have a great life under a rich man like governor kingi than stay with a poor guy who loves her . I looked at the ghel & told her doing that has no difference with whoring akasema , all women want a good life none-the-less and they don’t mind the good life with or without love ,

she then proceeded to give examples of successful women she got inspiration from like Passaris , Vera sidika , corozan and Huddah ! she aknowledges that they used their beauty and bodies to get ahead and she doesn’t mind doing what they did … I am not even shocked coz tunajua ghels around her age think they have the world at their feat …

Wangwana , @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii tells you hizi vitu about women and you never take him seriously ?

All women are more or less the same. They are always looking for stability and security. That translates to money and constant sex from a man. But money is more important to them. If you can offer these two to a woman you have her for life. From the most ‘saved’ girl in your hood to the naughtiest whore in the world.

Waambiwe waskie


Hypergamy haitambui

pesa ni lazima…but why does your girl think that Vera, huddah and Corazon are successful? Has she ever interacted with them ama ni instagram tu?she needs to aim higher. I can introduce her to more successful girls for inspiration…girls who have attained success through a different route.

Ukipatia Dem thao abuy kitu ya 200 arudishe change. Lazima atakuja na lame excuse arudishe punch Kama change

When you have the money, because its not an issue anymore, you start looking for love, and you risk losing the money because you will look for the love in the wrong places. Ask bibi ya Tuju what happened.

mimi sioi basi , i’ll look for a surrogate nipate watoi then nikule college ghels mpaka nikufe nikiwa ndani ya ikus kama HUGH HEFFNER

And who are you to dictate the standard for success? Kama success ni kuishi in a posh estate, drive a big machine nd tour the world that is it. The means for getting there dont matter as long as you have not killed anyone

social media is setting standards for ghels nowadays …To them , success means having a car , a small business & buying great clothes … she really just wants do what haentel wanjiru does on instagram

Now famous prostitutes are the role models of educated college girls. They no longer want to be corporate executives, doctors,engineers etc.

The malaise in our society makes us now worship money regardless of it’s source.
I can now relate why at times in the Bible people created idols and worshipped them and engaged in all manner of debauchery and sin.

Anyway once the wall hits them after an eventful life of flesh peddling I hope hawatalia ati looking for understanding men.
Few crooks like Risper Faith get lucky to get idiot to marry them. Vera Sidika ni machozi tu, all men chew and wanakosana so that they escape her after smashing the plastic ass.

Ivanka Trump.
I doubt she has any feelings for the pompous old geezer other than the power and influence she gets from being married to him.

I’ve always been an advocate of the rule “ignore what women say, watch what they do”. Actions speak louder than words especially when it comes to the opposite sex. We see so many chicks like this on campus, they have very high standards and a detailed list of things they want in a man. Oh sijui he has to be rich, sophisticated, God fearing, well travelled blah blah blah, Saturday night they’re drinking KC Coconut smoking bush weed in a bedsitter, eagerly waiting to be fucked by a broke ass nigga who spends his free time working out and playing videogames.

I’m not saying these girls don’t care for money or status but at that age they just want to have fun, and guys her father’s age are not fun. Thoughts of settling down with rich men come later as their looks begin to fade. I’m glad I’ve learned this while I’m still young because I see so many guys around me falling for the Disney movie fantasy.

I’d say to men, be the complete package. It should not be an either-or thing. Be the best possible version of yourself you can be. Build wealth/a career, take care of your body, expand your social network/connections and practice seduction because game is just as important as status. So many boys are eating that money men toss to slay queens, you may say you don’t care because you’re so loaded but that’s the equivalent of letting someone slap you in the face repeatedly because you are “too chill” to react. Disrespect is disrespect and no man should tolerate it just because he can afford to.

Majority this is the case, However I had a unique Kale Chic,Yeye alikuwa anarudisha exact amount, Excellent in following instructions and Meticulous.
All others “cows” I dated, failed this basic test the worst scenario was from Lake side, performance was pathetic -3/10.

Oeni vijana muwache ujinga,

The average woman billionaire is not self-made. The most financially successful women on earth inherited their wealth. They did not work for it. For women, the shortest path to fortune is marriage/men, not hard work and all other BS people are taught about. That BS only applies to men (largely) and women with not so good looks (can’t leverage on looks). That is just a fact. In my opinion, smart women lock in the best man they can find during their prime years before they begin aging like milk. E.g, a smart woman will consider dating a guy in his last year of a Surgery course if she is smart, than dating a guy in arts. The road of least resistance to women is not hard work, it is leveraging on their sexuality. So, as you teach your daughters to work hard and smart, also teach them to be smart about who they decide to marry so that they can avoid marrying failures. I don’t understand why guys get bitter yet if they were in women’s shoes, they would probably do the same or worse.

E.g unaweza enda mjengo na kuna sugar mummy anakutaka?? It is the same thing in reverse. Human beings will always choose the path of least resistance when given the chance and you are not an exemption.

Ulionea bwana yako kitanda?[ATTACH=full]295149[/ATTACH],faggots With weird thoughts

Wakanyama ni virgin huwezi elewa haya Mambo. Enda tayarishia lichoti mkia

An upcoming proffesional who PROUDLY claims her role model is Vera sidika…na nikisema wanaume are the superior of the species naitwa chauvinist. And yes my role model is Toto Wolff, CEO and team principal Mercedes Benz AMG petronas f1 team