Women why do you entertain this narcissistic men?

Hebu oneni huyu. Somebody is gaslighting you and then uko hapa ati I love him so much. You love someone who is abusing you mercilessly? If you try this bs on me utashangaa my fren. Block. Block. Block. Hadi kwa email. There’s a guy right now on my case for over 2 years. He tried gaslighting me, nikanyamaza tuu. I think alikuwa amesoma red peels negging tactics ati if you antagonise a woman she will follow you. I was just polite and quiet. After he hang up I blocked him. Jamaa a exchange number Mara kadha and I just keep blocking bcz I don’t have energy for these kinds of nonsense.


If I may ask, how do you handle partner who is abusive but loving? Azin he can abuse, beat you over nothing but still pamper you with money and sweet words. For instance, today morning I called him to say hi, but Instead he asked me if it was a must I call him every day before he hanged off the phone. I then texted him telling him I was sorry to call him and one hour later he called saying he was sorry for being arrogant at me. Aki am Confused because I love him so much.


I don’t believe in love with abuse mimi i cant deal with that shit mimi nakuachia hyo relationship

Love begins with the common interests, it’s simple as that…

BTW this is also a sign of mental illness, Mara you are sweet then you are nasty then you realize that you hurt your person then you apologize then you repeat the same thing again. This is a person who can kill.