Women who will kill you early

Never marry;

  1. An argumentative quarrelsome contentious woman

Prov 25:24 Better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife

You can see this trait even before you settle with her or watch her mother

  1. A Naive woman

She is yet to meet with likes of @Mpenda @uwesmake and jalango’s boysclub, and surely at a point she will meet them.

  1. Father ran from the mother

She doesn’t know the authority of a man and mostly she has being fed with the perspective of ‘men are dogs’

  1. Feminists

You will be the woman in this marriage - you will wash dishes, the house, wash her cloths and send you around for minor chores

  1. A divorcee

If the previous man run, what makes you think you would?

  1. A woman who wants you to change

She liked Juliani when Juliani was Juliani giving us hit after hit show after show, she made him cook chapatis instead of being Juliani - it ended in tears
Megan liked him being a prince but now she has changed him, no longer a prince - it will end in tears
Flee from any woman who wants to change you, who is pushing you not to be you

  1. A kunguru/lanye

She still wants that easy money and she can’t get enough
But one who serious want to change, you can think about it (no woman is a virgin nowadays even @TrumanCapote)

  1. A cunning woman

If she lies once before you settle with her, flee!

  1. Nothing but beauty

You will always be told, ‘you are lucky to have me’ or asked ‘do you know how many men want to be with me?’

  1. Miss Independent

It’s like marrying a ghost plus lanye combined

  1. A queen

Moment she says ‘i am a queen’ or ‘treat me like a queen’ - she means you are not a king but a peasant and treating her like a queen means you will worship her your entire life…shit!!! worshiping a pussy!!! kama yule mtoto wa mama!

[SIZE=5][FONT=tahoma]Every woman has a pussy but not every woman has the qualities of a wife - Don’t let them kill you early[/FONT][/SIZE]

So venye @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii anasema date under 23 years only, is he aware that once these youngins get to a certain age they’ll be very troublesome


Ngumu sana to find a woman missing at least one of the qualities

A man has never been right. Very right. If a nigga deviates from the above commandments, woe to his soul

Siku izi wako na izo zote apo juu, cheye unado, chukua zako achia mteja next akujeapambane nayo

There is no such thing as a perfect woman with the right qualities. But there is a standard men shouldn’t accept.

Top of the list is single mothers, and old women past 25 years with mileage from here to Timbuktu.

I once dated an orphan. Wueh, these ones can commit suicide if u leave them kimalamala.

Ndio maana ulitorokea ujeruu usiwekwe ndani

U must be extremely daft if u come seeking advice on who to marry on a forum full of idlers like ktalk.

Marry your best friend and treat them with respect. Its that simple, really.

i think it was very unnecessary and ill-advised to do that by her. Why did she have to take him through such an major event that was broadcast globally and received almost as many views as FIFA every four years. if her intention is to humiliate the royal family because they gave her the stink eye or they were backbiting by tricking harry into quitting his prince duties, that was very ill-informed.

The other side maybe that she was trying to force the queen into negotiations about making more money from their royalty as demonstrated by the many deals they had already started signing. Nadhani alikuwa anafikiria hii ni reality TV show penye the person getting the most views gets the biggest share of the benefits.

Either way, she missed a big opportunity for a short-term win ambayo inakaa own-goal ukiangalia visuri

Treat her like a celebrity and she’ll treat you like a fan. [SIZE=3][COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]Treat her like trash and she’ll treat you like a master.[/SIZE]

6 and 8 apply to all women.

They are the best if you are serious with marriage,hizi nyang’au ziko na rich dads wanaambiagwa jamaa ikileta nuks kuja kwenu kuna Mali.those ata afadhali kuoa sj pokoste,akitoroka unajua kwenye ameenda

On each point 1-10, assign a score of 1-10. So its a 110 point max for the worst case scenario. So for example on point 1, if your lady is kidogo quarrelsome, assign her a 3. If your woman scores a total of 40 and above, you are in trouble.

Amen, kuna singo madha swafi beste ya bibi amemi andama , but siwes ingia mtegoni

I stopped reading at ‘Never marry;’

The rest of that message is superflous!

Hehe ebu Hekaya

She will mess up your marriage just for the fun of it, ngoja utaona. Ile siku mtakosana, huyo kunguru ashamwekea investment kama ya 100K ready. She will take to god knows where, start a business for her, na amtaftie fuck boi ya hiyo mtaa imharibu kichwa. By the time you trace her, she will be a transformed independent bich who dont need no man in her life . Kama huamini, ngoja story utatupea hapa tu

What good business can one start with 100k jameni ? Maybe mpesa or kiosk?