Women who can't take negative criticism.

Have you ever commented negatively on a woman’s photo akaingia inbox kukutusi? I told the lady in the photos below that anakaa mbaya coz ya make up nyingi akajam. Which is true. It got me thinking. Hiii ufeminazi mingi is what’s causing the women believe whatever they do is right.

The future women will be whiney little bitches that are used to getting things the easy way. Women that are not tough enough. Women like like Ngilu or Karua who used to fight like men for opportunities will be extinct. It’s up to us to raise kids teaching them that in life they will receive alot of negative criticism.
Check this out.
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mimi hata kama amepaka makaa kilo moja na ako na matako kubwa akinipea kuma nakula baadaye ndio namwambia ukweli anakaa saitan but akini nyima kuma namwambia anakaa saitan straight up

miguu huwa msema kweli


Una umama mingi sana, kama humtaki si unamlenga tu, do you have to pull her down?
Go get laid or better, go shave your vagina. Kaino type.

nyamazisha mkundu bakuli yako

But you also called them ugly. What exactly do you men want?

Me thinks you guys have pushed young women to go to abnormal lengths to satisfy your standards. It’s a pity because your friend looks like a samantha doll now.

:D:D:D:D umesema makaaa kilo moja c ungesema tu kunguru ya s.sudan

I know a few, who are averse to negative feedback and it’s not about looks, that’s too petty.

Most wako hivyo actually.

Heheheh…a few is an understatement. I know sometimes we tend to take positive criticism negatively.

tuoshe mecho my deer hata makucha za miguu tuuu

Umama ingine ndio mtaacha. Why comment about her looks in the first place? Mind your own business boss. If you are not dating her unamsumbua kwanini?

Isn’t that a sign that some ladies go to such lengths to get some validation? Esteem ni muhimu and they shouldn’t give a hoot about what people say about them. They should scream how their faces belong to them, like a canvas belongs to a damn painter.

na wewe wank tonne huwa na umama hivihivi

leta account yake tuambie ukweli

Wewe vile huwa unalia hapa dryspell kila saa?

We just want women that can take shit and then move on like nothing happened. Like the women here. We roast you sometimes and you don’t take it personally.

She looks like a Naija demon to be honest!

dry spell ni a disaster

ironically the lady with the short hair seems more attractive and confident