Women Who Apply Excess Perfume

There is a kunguru who came over to my place a few days ago. Problem is, she applied too much perfume.

It has been 4 days since she left and I can still smell her annoying perfume on my sofa and duvet. Mpaka ata duvet nimepeleka dry cleaner juu sipendi kunusa cheap perfume. It makes me sneeze like a dog.

I guess if I was married, my wife would have known I cheated.

Hii upuzi ya kupaka perfume excess ni ushamba. Kuna perfume ingine mtu ananusa mpaka anaumwa na kichwa.

Wachana na walalo elder…

Kuna zile hu’zwa pale nje ya mosque, sijui 50 bob hivi… hizo hutuma mtu askie kutapika.

Bint El Sudan

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Wapi, kuna ingine inaitwa Lord’s iko fine sana. Quantity and quality is different.

:smiley: sisemi kitu

niaje kunguru

It is called marking territory… even if you are married, she will apply the perfume like crazy so your wife can detect that you met her… so she can cause chaos then you go to the kunguru… it is not new, bro! Make her shower before pekejeng manenoz…

Heri wewe, mimi nililetewa kunguni. Nikikumbuka hio story natamani niishi inje kama watchman



Kuna zile marashi za walalo zinauzwa 50 bob…hatari sana

Kunguru ilinichapa hug siku mbili nilikuwa na harufu tofauti mpaka no.1 akanotice

Cheap perfume ndio ziko hivo, they’re annoyingly pungent. A good perfume hata itumike nyingi, still leaves a pleasant subtle scent.

I’m always lost there. A few times you pass near a fine woman and catch a whiff of something really nice and rare, but there’s no way of knowing what she has used. Can you suggest some fine brands that are a fitting gift for a special lady? Nothing loud.

With sh 1000, she can get a quality Perfume . Let’s just say you are bedding low quality women

What’s your budget?

5k max

That’d be very tricky. Unless you’re traveling or know someone who is traveling to buy one at duty free. And that be fo 50ml bottle. But still…
Scents you’ll rarely go wrong with:
C. K (If you are able to get the gift set on this one the better. It has small bottles of different scents)
Giorgio Armani (the Armani Mania is really good)
Estee Lauder

Always go for the Eau du Parfum, the Eau du Toilette vapourises quickly.

Thanks Ma’am. Much appreciated.