Women! The Ever Evasive & Controversial Argument...

Hii tulisoma tukiwa stables za Delamare farm in 1905.

Yet another pussy whipped beta who after doing all this will be cuckolded by a watchman or better yet one of those Ben 10s on Craigslist.

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What is wrong with a self made man?

I think it’s satire.

Sawa. It would take nys money for that guy to accomplish his claims

He will probably be a member in the sponsors club hehehe

That Arap Meffi guy sounds like a pucci whipped n*gga. Nothing is as pathetic as a male feminazi trying to score points with the ladies by playing the devil’s advocate. He should rename himself Moses ‘desperado’ arap Meffi


Moses Arap mitei is a stupid man


This shit has been making rounds today and that guy is a disgrace , every man ought to work hard to please and ensure his family lives comfortably but the nonsense of putting it on script like some sort of law is unfounded.
Let him fool himself being the perfect guy atajua pia perfectionist wa hapa alikipata, nothing is perfect however we all hope for ideal situations


@perfectionist alipigwa sweep ya ukweli

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:D:D:D… Guys please don’t make me rescind on why I start this thread lol! Mnanimalisa kapisa!

… Word is that, most are normally macho and prefer to ‘Remote control’ their women. *Not my opinion.

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