Women swindled in the name of love

Wamama muko na pesa kweli. The day I give a man 500 Bob call polis, call Mathare, call DCI.



[SIZE=7]‘Tinder Swindler’ The Kenyan Edition: Women Who Were Conned By Men In The Name Of Love[/SIZE]
By Tonny Ndungu For Citizen Digital Published on: February 07, 2022 02:17 (EAT)

[li]“I offered to help the guy buy a car when he sold his. Gave him a million shilling loan, that he would pay. He paid in full. He got my trust. He bought a Forester,” she confessed to Dr Amakove. [/li][/ul]

You know about the Tinder Swindler by now. You have probably watched it or planning to, it is pretty much what everyone is talking about. If you haven’t, please do and see how “Character development” is served on a global scale not just within our borders.

For the majority who have watched this documentary, one thing is left hanging over them when it is over, “How can you let a man fool like this?”
There was even a Twitter joke that said, ‘Tinder Swindler’ would never happen in Nairobi because our “Kanairo” girls would just ask you, “Wah! So utado?” and keep it moving.

They say that the movie would have been five minutes long.
But boy (and girl) are they wrong. There are Kenyan women nursing massive heartaches because they have a similar experience to the girls in Tinder Swindler. They will probably watch it with tears in their eyes.
Last year, celebrated doctor went on her Facebook and asked opened the flood gates with this post;
“Let me start a #MeToo on stories of men conning women with the woo of romantic relationships. Anyone courageous enough to share their story can post in the comments section. Otherwise, my inbox is open for DM and I can share anonymously.”
Her comment section turned into a therapy platform for thousands of women who are repaying loans and trying to steady their lives after their experiences.
Dr. Amakove’s post has a whooping 12,000 comments and has been shared over 1,000 times and the content is just as eye popping as Cecilie Fjellhoy’s, the Norwegian woman who was swindled over Ksh.25 million by Shimon Hayut who posed as a Billionaire on popular dating website Tinder.
Like this woman who offered to help her architect ‘husband’ buy a car after he sold his, forking over Ksh.1 million in a loan.
“I offered to help the guy buy a car when he sold his. Gave him a million shilling loan, that he would pay. He paid in full. He got my trust. He bought a Forester,” she confessed to Dr Amakove.
“…I sold my Demio at 430k and sent him the whole amount because I wanted to upgrade. He wanted me to take a loan for 6M, but we settled at 3M. This was to add to my Demio money and get me a car for about 1.7M, the rest was to buy land…” she recalled.
According to this unwilling graduate from the school of character development, her lover went on to buy a Mercedes Benz with the entire Ksh.3M.
“Let’s just say, the next thing I saw was the coolest looking Mercedes Benz at my door step. He had spent the whole amount. He changed the narrative, that I seemed to have really wanted the Mercedes,” she added.
“Suffice it is to say both cars were in his name and he has since stopped paying the loan when we broke up. Sold both Forester and Mercedes, he now has a hilux.”
Another woman claims she had the picture perfect relationship with her man…
“He took me out to expensive places before you know it, we are going on vacations. Many termed us couple goals,” she shared on Facebook.
“One time he needs to go on a business trip, asks for 200k. What is that amount compared to what I’d get. Then he asked me to sell my car, he’d top up for me to import a German Machine,” she said.
Long story, but the short of it is that this man went on to propose, and the date for the ruracio was set…
"The day of Nyombo, my fiance did not show, not his people, not any other guest. I call, yuko mteja. I realize I don’t know any family member to contact. My heart, my body… What will happen to all this food. Who will pay all these people that helped us. This was the longest Jamhuri weekend… I wanted the earth to swallow me as the day came to an end.
After standing her up on their traditional wedding, the man went an extra step of moving out of the house they had rented in Nairobi… never to be seen again.
“I come back to Nairobi, my house is clean. caretaker is like, uliamua kuhama Bila notice. Unajua utalipa rent ya mwezi moja. At that moment, I wish I passed out and woke up from this dream.” she added.
According to Dr. Amakove, the woman who previously owned a car, and went to a good job is now homeless, couch surfing from friend to friend hoping her parents will take her back.
And the more women confessed online, the more it became apparent that the documentary was just the tip of the iceberg…
"My situationship was with a doctor. Met him online and after meeting up in person he asked me to help him setup a tour company which he would takeover after returning to Kenya. We agreed he would pay me 30k consultancy fee per month which at the time of terminating my dealings with him was at 540K,” a victim told Dr. Amakove.
“He took over the company with his wife (whom he had said is his sister btw…during the paperwork etc) and am still trying to get my 180k back, though I have maxed out my patience and decided to move on. He’s a refined doctor, well spoken, connected and works for a number of NGOs on consultancy basis.”
There are many more harrowing details that you can check on Dr. Amakove’s Facebook page.


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