Women Rep Chieth

This women Representative seat should be scrapped during the next referendum.
Which other seat/post do you think should be in the dustbin too?


Noma ni ikiondolewa wataanza kusema awapewi nafasi kwa Gava. Kuna iyo 1/3 portion yao kwa katiba. But anyway I’ve never seen any project from my Woman rep happening at my area code.

Senators - Bure kabisa

Deputy governors pia, role yao hua ni gani?
90% of Kenyans don’t know who their deputi gavanas are let alone identifying them in the street

Women reps and senators. Then lets cap the budget for the county government and county assembly to 30% of the devolved funds. 30% can go to wages and running costs. 10% to debts and lastly 30% to development.

The wage bill can be comfortably contained if these unnecessary posts are scrapped

omwami you realize that more than 60% goes to wage bill and running costs in the entire country? They create so many other posts that a single office has lots of idle human capital

Lakini hii yote ni varnity coz hizi posts zote ziko kwa constitution. So, ndio ziondolewe iyo nikusema turudie Referendum kuedit iyo part kwa katiba, to which aiwezekani ata na madawa

How soon before the next referendum? Me thinks it’s around the corner with the imminent change of the election date from Aug to Dec

The whole thing is one big cluster fuck ! We are the size of Texas with 46 governors, deputy governors, reps, mps etc . We are obviously over represented ! Some counties are freakin tiny and can’t support themselves without being bailed out by the central government.
The counties should have been what we had ! Provinces may be divide Rift valley in two at most 10 counties that would be self sustaining !
But all this is a pipe dream we are fucked !

Most of this jobs don’t make sense. Unakuta kanjo takes up 60% of the staff. If it was nurses, doctors and county inspectors I would understand. We need to privatize sanitation services in the counties. Get investors to build garbage plants that recycle waste and the rest for power generation. Let them collect the garbage for free and clean the streets since its their raw material. That will save more than half of the wages and the town/city will be much cleaner.

swala lolote la kubadilisha katiba sahi itafanya wale majamaa waanze kusema kwamba ni njama ya kumwongeza uhunye miaka zaidi kwa uongozi ama kumfanya raira to vie again

currently there is a debate that Taveta Constituency might be extended as it less population…something Naomi is not happy with

Referendum will not take place especially over something tiny as changing the election date. That proposal like all other before to change the constitution has dies at the floor of the house. Why? Any referendum now affects all timelines President Uhuru has for his big 4 agenda of housing, healthcare, food security and manufacturing. Already Parliament gave him two blows, the Fuel VAT tax was scrapped (sema asante, I told you we were moving silently to defeat it in the house and even junet was tasked to be the front so that jubilee MP’s aren’t targeted) the housing fund has also been scrapped. Now Presidency has to push KRA to seal all tax leaks to fund that shortfall.

If there is a referendum campaigns in the country the focus shifts from development deliveries to full blown succession politics and several subplots.

Kukamua khubibi ya wenyewe alafu wanaclaim kidnapping!

People who voted for bad governors crying how we don’t need counties

Lets keep the ladies busy with that kwanza. You guyz do realize that once a legislature enters through the doors of the August house they cease to be women rep but policy makers

Hata ikiwa governor wako ako tops, I think we can agree we really did not need 47 of them. Ama?

That bullshit position created for akina Ababu Namwamba, what are they doing actually?

Katiba iliandikwa na binadamu. Itarekebishwa na binadamu.

The only problem is the current leadership (legislature and executive are all meffi and can’t be trusted to not mess it up even further)