Women rejecting marriage

Today in the woman sphere ladies are discussing marriage. Majority are like marriage is a scam and utamu wa ndoa, ni watoto, others are like the only good a man can offer them is money so if they work hard and oomoka hakuna haja ya wanaume in their lives. It’s like men have really done bad things to ladies to the point where now being a single mother is the best option for most ladies who don’t want stress. Wengine wamesema they will be Aunty wa Harrier/V8, traveling the world. Yet they are really young, sasa mtu wa 25 ashashiba wanaume, this generation if they are not divorced after few years of marriage, they are single mothers, Jameni what has changed? Ama ni Mjinga akierevuka mwerevu ako matatani. Enyewe marriage is just slavery to women. You wait on a man hand and foot, umpikie, umzalie, umlelee, umchukulie loan then he dumps you ama anaomoka na slay queen na loan ulimchukulia, you get HBP, ulcers and depression hukua nayo while you were single. Sasa hio ni nini? Si afadhali ukae and eat your life with a big spoon by yourself instead of being used, abused and dumped then you commit suicide. Serve God, travel, be that hip generous auntie to your nephews and nieces and enjoy life, marriage is slavery.

Kila nyani na starehe yake…watu wakae single in peace. Most marriages work just fine when when kuna respect and everyone knows what to do. Shida ni most women want to get married and maintain the same lifestyle as they used to when single, huyo wacha akue single mum for the streets roho safi.(and by the way no shame being a single mum that way and happy) Marriage sio yake.marriage ni compromise for a greater good…sio mchezo na sio ya masoftie

I have heard this numerous times about how marriage is a bad deal for women. Not only here, but also in other non-African societies. Fair enough. Women do loose somethings like career progression. But why is it that of all the people who demand marriage without apologies or hesitation are women?

I mean most guys are happy to have a care free relationship without invoking a marriage contract. So why then do women insist on marriage when men are clearly predisposed to want other avenues of having a relationship?

And it’s not like men gain anything significant from marriage, men loose freedom and their individuality too. A man is wired to be adventurous by nature and to follow a certain cause, purpose, and vision, that precedes him. Most married men settle and give up this primal drive. All for what? To have regular sexual access and a family?

That surely cannot be what a man should live for all his life.

Reason being, of all the great men who have made history and shone in their respective domains, nobody cares about their spouses or their children. You know why? Because a man’s destiny wasn’t meant to be reduced to such a transient human preoccupation.

Women know this all to well since their mating strategy selects for high status men who won’t be just another provident male. Instead, they want a man who goes far and beyond the minimum requirements.

In a nutshell, if badly timed, marriage can be the worst deal for a man since it forces man to shelve his ambitions for a supposedly good deal in the form of marriage. This was aptly articulated by a talker called @chap a few days ago and I will copy his sentiments here below.

This is what society prescribes: Go to school, get a job, marry, and sire kids. Then end up living a modest life and zero graze around your wife’s p-sleeve
But they don’t tell you the pitfalls e.g.

  1. Melodramatic nagging wives
  2. Screaming kids that need to be feed, clothed and pampered, school fees etc
  3. Bills, i.e. electricity, water, rent, food etc
  4. Surrounded by humans, every corner of the house there is someone (no Me time)
  5. You will be broke as hell, refreshing your bank account on the pay day (end month)[/B][/I]
    6. etc etc etc

[B][I]Now here is an alternative to good life

  • Live a simple fulfilling life i.e. get a vasectomy (no kids), don’t marry or cohabit (only do short term relationships), save and invest, tour the world on Christmas eve to your country (destination) of choice as peasants flock machakos country going upcountry with their overweight wives and insolent kids. Thank me later [/I][/B]

too much wisdom in one comment…

Thanks for the compliment.