Women reason like babies


:D:D:D she genuinely believes Akothee never worked towards that… she believes Akothee was just floating about being a whore with no strategy, being insufferable or selfish and found this dude… bless her heart

Babies don’t reason.

Let’s use the word think. They think

Hata wamama wa 35+ years huota juu ya big weddings. Ni kama huwa wamerogwa na harusi banae. The day when all the attention is on them. Women crave attention like oxygen.

This fantasy is like a drug to most of them

They only dream of that wedding day but act surprised when grind of the marriage hits them afterwards

Plus Size Hub. Is that where you cruise for fat women with low self esteem?

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Ukiuliza women about marriage wanafikirianga wedding. Ask them “Do you see yourself supporting a man for the rest of your life” ako like haezi. But ukiuliza if she thinks she’ll be a good wife atasema she’ll be the best. You wonder

Few of them contemplate the complexities associated with marriage. To them it’s just about the glamour that comes with the wedding and leeching off the man.

Ata Akothee mwenyewe sidhani anabelieve upus ya love. Yeye ako biashara. Sasa corporate clients watamrushia pesa za adverts kama nonsense.

Wanawake ile shida kubwa wako nayo ni susceptibility to peer pressure. Ask a woman if she would rather have her man give her a grandiose wedding at Windsor or a 3-bedroom debt-free house in Kitengela ungoje response.

Then faux promises of marriage could be good game to deal these semi-cougars

Mimi niliacha kuchukua wanawake seriously when a gf who was 2yrs older than I asked me if I’d remarry if she happened to die. I hesitated kujibu ikakuwa kesi kubwa sana yet we weren’t even married! We were merely teens then.

Harusi ni UTOTO.
Hata siwezi attend. Na sijawahi.

she will want both

you can buy a woman 1 million dollar silver watch but she will turn it down for a 5 dollar gold plated strap because it looks shiner.

if you learn the meaning of the phrase then you’ll learn how the mind of a woman works.

Except huyu. Very mature. I[SIZE=1] popped in juzi and had a chat as the first in a series of covert then overt tactical formation.

Hii ujinga ya kisema ati a person is happy because its their wedding day ilitoka wapi??