Women push men away from there children

This single parenthood phenomenon that now bidevils urban Kenyan society is a result of women
Most modern women are toxic, wild very wild to domesticate.
Let them stay in the jungle. The park (streets) is the natural habitat of wild characters, the home was made for soft feminine characters.

Have you ever been pushed away from your kid(s)? If not, nyamaza tu kwa sababu hauna ukweli hapo.

I have mixed feelings about single parents, for some it’s as a result of circumstance i.e dead guy etc, some it’s just bad decisions, raw sex with irresponsible partners. At the end of the day, the kid is innocent. Please take care of your seed. That being said am a good guy to single mums until I get laid then am out. Nanunua juice box mara moja mbili. Ikifika ya tatu it’s time to evaluate strategy while in embombut.

Yeah niliondekea twins


If the husband/boyfriend died, the woman is no longer a single mother. She is given a special designation of widow. She and her offspring deserves every single protection that society can afford them.


hii ndio inaitwa scavenging ama ni scraping bottom of the barrel.

I once had a fling with some singo madha. We were still in college. The girl had been impregnated by some lowlife and she resented the fact that her baby daddy was not someone she could show off. I mean, the guy was ugly, jobless, and stupid.

But the guy, despite his shortcomings, was dedicated to her. The chic however treated the guy with contempt and talked shit behind his back. She always felt she could do better. She kept talking about meeting “a great guy” someday. As a result of her toxicity her son – a five year old boy – now hates his father.