Women nowadays have no shame


This is a former classmate of mine. Well educated, intelligent, but like all beautiful women with a big booty she views her vagina as the ultimate asset. Fortunately nilichukua slices in campus kabla ajue utamu ya pesa. Nowadays ni dem wa AMG battalion, akina @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii and co. During this lockdown period she has (unsurprisingly) joined the ranks of the E-girls. Just goes to show, women will always capitalize on their sex appeal to get ahead in life. Now some comments from her biggest fans, the simps.



Simping ain’t easy but someone’s got to do it. Oh, and of course sigwez malisa thread bila thermals…


In summary: kunguru hafugiki.

So ikiwa yeye mwenyewe amejitangazaa, unaficha sura na jina kwa Nini?

I don’t doxx people I know.

Haha. Namjua.
She is a cool chic though in real life.
Simps on facebook and tiktok are giving her too much attention, and she is clearly getting addicted to it.

Fascinating to watch the transformation happening in real time.

How is this an achievement? Could your life have ended kama hungechukua slices?

Do u now see why Africans are lagging behind?

You’re the one who looks at it as an achievement so you tell me.

Yeah. she is not in her prime anymore. She is compensating.

The problem with girls like this is that 10 years from today atakuwa anakaa mama na akuna mtu atakuwa akimdai. Very stupid girls

Huwa anaita simps ‘Bro’

Guys I am following closely, keep me posted

Yeye ndiyo anafaa kujibu swali. Out of everything I said that’s what he latched onto. Sometimes the things people say reveal more about themselves and their mindsets than the person they are addressing.

Video zake ziko xvideos?



Niko huko already nasaka African BBW but ziko mob

rusa link ya x videos basi ?


:D:D:D wataka kunyonga ??

:rolleyes:Wekeni link. Wacheni umama.

Ama at least tupatie search terms :rolleyes:

Do this boneheads ever think of the future , what happens when ur kid friends are always teasing ur kids because they have seen u in the nude

[SIZE=1]PS we need the rink, purely for research purposes [/SIZE]