Women Never Learn/Listen

How many times will we tell women that men don’t care about their education level or financial stability? Women think that the things they themselves want in a man (wealth, education, career, social status) are the same things MEN look for in a partner. How many times will we tell them that we don’t give a fuck about their education level, career or how rich they are?

As men, we only care about things like youth, beauty and respect (adaptability to follow our lead and instructions……submissiveness). We don’t care about material things at all. Why do they convince themselves that we look for the same things in a partner?

Tell your mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins etc!!!


I will never go for a career woman with degrees and masculine energy. A career woman like @TrumanCapote will expect you to pay all the major bills and then come home and help her wash the dishes so she “gets into the mood.”


Vile @Yuletapeli alisema. Kama unataka kuoa form ni kungoja hapo nje akimaliza KCSE


If you donnt want to pay all the bills then you will have to marry a career woman. Housewife will leave you paying all the bills which is what you fear.


Nikama hukuewa ubishi. Soma tena kile @Benn_Dover ameandika, Kisha rekebisha huo uvumi umeanzisha.


For me career woman sio shida. Shida inakuwanga mtu hampatani ama kiburi inaingia because they feel they can be independent and don’t need you.
Siku hizi lazima msaidiane. It can be drowning if everyone looks to you to cater for all bills. Cha muhimu ni heshima idumu.
Cooking and washing dishes are not a big deal if mnasaidiana. Hata yeye Ako hustle amechoka mnaweza saidiana ama muweke mbi h afanye hiyo kazi.
FYI hata huyo mshamba kienyeji akipata pesa yake kiburi iingie hakuna kitu utamwambia.
Character ndio important.


This should be in Bold

FYI hata huyo mshamba kienyeji akipata pesa yake kiburi iingie hakuna kitu utamwambia.
Character ndio important.

Even Prof Jay sang about it. Wale mabibi hugawia watu sana mtaa huwa these calibre of women.


Very true. Hata Kijiji tulisema Kunguru ni Kunguru tu na hafugiki

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@KuwaitBabe alituwekeanga APA picha ya ma bob za Kuwait akaona ametutisha sana vile ako mafutani … nobody cared about that shit watu walikuwa wanauliza picha ya mapaja na booty

Women money don’t mean shit…the moment the relationship starts going south you’ll be reminded of every penny that was spent on you


Character and personality muhimu sana. Am married to a working class woman and am yet kuona madharau. She treats me like a king. She is one of the few good women. Nimekuwa na tu side chicks tujinga sana. Mko kwa Airbnb she doesn’t even want to clean up after herself. Have to tell her to clean dishes and make bed and leave the place better looking.

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stop GIF


Elder si you get mama totoo a co-wife, je one time bahati mbaya cd ipasuke uambukizwe kaswende… what will you do?

Co wife ni kujidanganya. You will get tired of both of them and still go out hanyaring. I already get tired of new side gals after spending some time with them already. Siwezi guza 2nd wife. I prefer to switch the gals after some time. And sample as many as i can


Ok, what about my second question about getting sti’s hujajibu

I’ve never caught any STDs in my philandering…am very careful. CDs burst coz the pussy is dry as hell. If the gal is wet or use lube you are good to go. True story…CD haijawai burst nikiwa na lanye

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Wah. Too dangerous. Kwani uko wa side hens na bado kwa lanye?

Side chics are still hoes besides i used to chew lanyes before i quit them

Ata bibi yako ni hoe. Everyone who is relating with men has an aspet of selling herself but sasa the professionals shida ni turn over is too high and the things they do to attract customer kulala na maiti and kwenda TZ kuzikwa can be a toxic concotion.

So unasema pia wewe ni hoe? Good…you are an old hoe


@TrumanCapote ni maraya muzee.

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