Women never apologize

Women never apologize … they never say ‘am sorry’ and if she says it, you are in for a shitty test and drama.

I see men bragging how their women messed and they apologized and i just laugh at how naive they are. She will say sorry to you but at the same time she will be bragging to her girlfriends how stupid and dumb you are.

A woman only says sorry not for the wrong she has done but not to loose the benefits she gets, and thus she will mess up again and again. If its cheating she did, she will say sorry not to loose you or your money but she will cheat again and again

Young men learn from men before you

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We should all be reset to factory settings so that interacting with females and sex is only for procreation like animals


talk about your girlfriends,don’t generalize all women


@jmoy uko 55 years but haunanga akili, tofauti yako na @Mosa ni jina tu

Leta hekaya…:D:D

Why women you should say my woman to be specific ndio usaidike…:D:D:D

Why do you have to derail every thread?

tombwa umbwaaa


Ukweli ndugu yangu

They do apologize if you’re high value in her eyes and haven’t committed to her. Otherwise, the moment you commit to a woman you lose all leverage. Ata ukuwe high value aje she’ll shit test the fuck out of you and never apologize for shit.

You are lucky this is kenyatalk, I would have derailed your girl’s poontang.

Hahahhhaahahha… uko na utoto sana bidhaa hii

True dat

When women realize an alpha male cannot alter his FRAME to fit into their ‘feminine frame’, they result to RIDICULE and ABUSE … it’s a sign of a defeated woman with no options.

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