Women Manipulation Tactics 101


Najua it’s a long-read, but take your time, the article is worth it.

@muchatha local = @Duke of Coomersvile.
Whats with the obsession with women :oops:, remind me again are you an alpha?.. Don’t think so.
if you’re in full command of your mental faculties you won’t need to read an article yapping about women manipulation… Beta nonsense:mad:

That what an asshole would say.

My reaction

nice read…relating to even some of us who are hooked

The analysis is on point

At least it got you to comment… Then again, you can ignore my posts… Sio lazima ucomment, the article has a target audience; the MGTOWers

Wewe mzee nilikwambia if your fat smelly landwhale wife and mid-life crisis are too much for you, you can always open up here. It’s a safe space, man. Lakini kushinda ukinifuata fuata ukinitag is just way too gay dude. You say MGTOW men are obsessed with women, yet you’re obsessed with a man. Now who’s gay?

Bookmarked for monday reads


:slight_smile: Man, There was a point in time when We (Women) had to go through all these self help shit… diagnosis , prognosis , psychoanalysis… trying to figure out MAN.
Tables have turned now- it’s your turn to do the run around trying to understand us.

If only every boy who is about to become a teenager could read this.Anyway,I think depending on your agenda,you can chose what to tolerate to achieve your goal,be it sex or a relationship

If men spent half the time you women spend thinking about and solving men, we would probably be at par intuitively… hahahaha!.. We men still have to handle sports, ego play across the male generations, pursuit of wealth as a phallic symbol, etc etc alongside figuring you females out…
Hawa redpillers ni vijana wadogo tuu, they will be singing a different song in say 10-15yrs time… A man in his mid thirrties is actually the equivalency to the post teenage slayqueen… maringo from here to timbuktu… just discovering their female agemates walikuwa wakidrool over, sasa wamechapa, na wamegundua pesa nane inawapatia confidence kiasi… and they are finally getting the upper hand with girls due to the new found confidence…