Women Love to Be Treated Like Trash

“The woman, however, told police she did not want to pursue criminal charges against her boyfriend and declined to cooperate further with the case.”

Gor Mahia 1-0 Slum Boys

on the first video,from 0031 secs, that fat woman should be surcharged for deliberately ruining office furniture.

Hapa itabidi nikuitanie
@Purple @Phylgee @Mrs Shosho @Mi Si Nyayako @Eng’iti @M2Random @Okwonkwo kujeni kujeni na wamama wote wa kamweretho…
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Not going to watch but the women that like to be treated like trash are your ‘women’ Sisi wengine tuko heeeeeeeepy sana.

Women are weird man…

hehe… I am never going to crucify a man just like that. not in these times. looks like something feminists edited and posted online.
Anyway. the woman will refuse to testify and have him back, ruin him with all the cold wars and soft power, and when he goes mad she calls police and the cycle begins.

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AFC tunamariswo na KDF… UUUUwiiii


:D:D Getting involved with bad boys lost flavor since Tupac has been dead. Like sis, @Mrs Shosho said, women just want to be happy.

Correction Gor Mahiga 1 Githare 1

Women are strange creatures…


depends with how your woman was raised. if she was raised to believe mateso ndio love, then you’ll have a hard time treating her nice and taking her out without wanting something in return. Mimi I must see the mother first before I even consider dating a chic. if the mom looks disturbed according to my background checks and face reading then I’m off to the next one

On Point kabisa hapo…
Umleavyo Ndivyo Akuavyo…


Exactly! In the eyes of the cops you will always be guilty and a prime suspect. Another call from her and you in deep shiet and thats where she has you by the cajones Xose. Hutia ngoige (nigoge nikuitanie)

There are those moments when you must be a bad boy to your gal to show supremacy, dominion, being in control, be the leader and she the meek follower.


To the Fallen soldiers, RIP

Mwambie anyoe mafuthii

Hahahahaha shenzi sana