Women in 40s listen up

I see Kenyan women buying into the hype of our local celebrity wedding between Akothee and her white boyfriend

How gullible are this women??

If you are 40+ and have 5 children from different baby daddies

No man will marry you

You marry the man, when we say you marry the man we mean you go to Europe and look for the most clueless gullible confused white man and make him part and parcel of your facade and entourage, a prop for you, if you need to pay him please do so

To do all that you have to have money…how you make your money is your business not anyone else, it is up to you and your God or lack thereof of.

Since you know this man will tire easily, the next step is getting pregnant since you are the self declared president of single mothers, other than your first husband who you left ages ago you must always remember to marry white…not up

There’s a difference.

To continue being the president of single women and the star of your own reality show, you will have to repeat this charade in the next 5 years or so, dragging your entire family along and all the celebs you can pull together…plus all the sponsors…this is a business.

You will always marry and keep marrying and when you are not married dating men half your age.

You can also invite your toy F boys for the wedding or don’t, but it is always a good idea to create drama and buzz…what’s the point of a celebrity wedding without drama?

But if you are 40+ with children from different baby daddies and you don’t have money

Nobody will marry you… EVER…even that first husband of yours will not touch you with a 9 foot pole.

This is common sense 101 applicable to gullible desperate and vulnerable singo women from the Republic of Kenya

There’s no moral to this story, just the truth.

You can take it or don’t take it

But know it’s out There.


It’s as you call it. Just truth

I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one chief. A woman of any level of beauty at any age and with any number of children by any number of men can and will find a man interested in her. But will the woman deem him worthy?
Women have standards, and therein lies the problem. Their happiness is entirely dependent on the kind of standards they have for men they are willing to humour. Is she willing to take what she can get? Does she want more?
The epidemic of single women is just a reflection of the standards these women have, and not necessarily an appraisal of the woman’s value.


The imbalance between male and female horniness ensures that women will always have a choice of partner, regardless of circumstances. Kwanza those women you may deem unattractive often have the highest volume of suitors because men see the less attractive ones as more attainable. As @Unataka_kujua_ili has said, the only limiting factor is the woman’s standards and her level of courageousness. Women like Akothee and Nyako who are very daring and don’t mind risking with multiple men will find relationship success eventually. Kama dame ako na high standards ama ni mwoga anaogopa sijui oh mara oh, that’s when she will find herself single for life.


Umeskia @poyoloko :green_emoji:

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Out of the wisdom spoken by others on the thread, the baboon had to utter pure low iq rubbish just to look relevant on the interwebs. For what you may ask?.. Just to het a like from his boyfriend @Heke

Afadhali low iq than mtu wa kufunguliwa boot kama wewe mushienzi

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Kaino type

Nimalisiee iyo maraya

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