Women hate simps and betamales


Women are funny ,calling a jamaa beta and simp yet he has been hopping and jumping on top of her pushing their virginal walls further apart:Dwho is the fool here?

I’m too old for mind-games

A woman is under no obligation to prefer a “kind” man. She prefers a living thing.

What’s the exact definition of a simp? Because I’ll be all nice to a woman for at least two weeks of which am sure I’ll land the goodies. After that, colors change and am no longer the same man they fell in love with

Women simp harder than men. If you know you know

Never live to please a woman or anyone for that matter, be yourself, me I am humble, aloof, and understanding. At the same time I am impatient and impulsive, I erupt like a volcano at times, any woman who dates me should be able to cope with that

I have more important things to worry about other than pleasing fools

Wanna hear us say no?

Omba pesa.

:meffi: upusu

All boys should be taught this, nothing as miserable as simping. Women. including your own mother and sisters, would not respect you for being overly nice to them. Check around, including within your family, it is the bad ass males that tend to be adored. Learnt this, never went back to my simping days.

This should be hang on a bill board in the CBD

Sasa wewe ni definition of a simp. You work too hard and have to change who you are to bed women

Where do you get time to start threads on simping?? If it doesn’t concern you why keep starting threads on this topic every day.

If you’re not into simping/smoking/religion/drinking/whatever it is that you consider a vice then don’t talk about it. Probably visit the technology/business/politics/or whatever section you like or stuff you are into and contribute there. Hii mambo ya kuanza threads on “things you hate” ni own goal tbh

Is that so? So you always bed women on the first date?


Hii kitu ni elastic kiongos. You cant do shit.

Nyorosa sisi na hekaya…:D:D

Where is the lie… I learnt this the hard way as well.