Women don't Love - they are just Opportunistic (Daddy Owen, DJ Creme, Bazu)

Women were never created to love, they don’t know how to love, neither do they know what love is. A man is the person who knows what love is, who was created to love and who can purely love

Women love opportunically, men love purely. A woman love is depended on the benefits she sees in you e.g money fame etc - women never love purely. This is why when a man becomes broke like DJ Creme or looses fame like Daddy Women plus the bag, a woman leaves.

Sota ndio ujue ukweli

Very true Mzee. A woman is like a chameleon and can change her colour any time

In my view, no gender is a winner or loser on matters love. Love has an equalizing effect on people. There are many couple out there who don’t have a problem with money, but there union is just dysfunctional, on the other hand there are many poor folks whose union is full of joy yet they got little moneywise. My verdict, love is far too complex to attribute money as the only source of joy in relationships

A woman is only capable of loving her offspring

Marry when you’re poor not rich and famous

I hope your cousins are different…

A woman is not capable of loving a man unconditionally .

Lets talk percentages. Na tusiongelee relationships zenye zilianza kitambo when money was not a big deal. Now make the male partner broke alafu postia sisi updates za how many couples will part and what percentage of future potential couples that wont unite

Which cousin?

Of course your female cousins, Bw Chief…

I don’t usually interact with them

My point is, having money doesn’t guarantee you a blissful relationship or marriage. Some of my relas are really moneyed, bwana na bibi wote wako na pesa sana lakini ukiwatembelea you can’t help but notice the awful atmosphere where bwana na bibi can’t stand the sight of each other. And this isn’t in just one household, it is in a number…

On the side of poor couple, whether young or old, Kuna wenye are doing very good and then there are those struggling just like any other relationship.

:smiley: there are few women who can love but you won’t find them on social media posting their entire life huko, halafu hizi stories are typical of insecure effeminate men who choose trophy wives yellow yellow wakikuyu kuonesha kila mtu vile wamefika, compatibility is very important, similar social classes too, alafu pia unachunguza upbringing na familia yake usikuje kushtukia ako na unhealthy attachment styles or latent mental illnesses

The only person that gets pure love from a woman is her offspring. Anyone else is loved for what they can do for her, not for who they are, and even then, hypergamy and Briffault’s Law are ALWAYS in play. That’s why marriage and long-term committed relationships are a fool’s errand.

Kabisa. Juzi nimeinteract na msichana wa mama fulani mwenye ni kichwa ngumu in nature na walikua wamekosana na bwana kwa muda alafu while away mzae akatumia hio chance kuoa bibi mwingine. Sasa aliporudi hua ata anaongeleshwa vibaya na huyu mke ata mbele ya watoto, sasa huyo msichana ni kitu huezi taka kuita bibi, ni ile sampuli ya wenye wanakuchemshia steel wool ukikosa kuleta pesa za mjei:D:D

Not having money doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship too .These things are not mutually exclusive .

Pokot hatunanga hii shida. Wanawake wetu wanatii kamili. That’s all that matters … love, well we know nothing about it.

Exactly. I was just disagreeing with OP on the notion that having money is a gateway to having a fulfilling love life.

Money is good for love. But in the long run, very many important factors other than money come in play to keep the healthy union going

Very good advice that rookie by the name @Jimit should heed to

:D:D:D:D:D…Briffaults law 101 ,women are pragmatic lovers,beta males are soft ,weak and useless lovers , alpha males we just fuck ruthlessly and enter the nearest forest.