Women have been conditioned to believe that men will fuck anything. Try rejecting a girl sometimes. Tell her you think she’s a nice person but she’s just not upto your standards.

I’ve been rejected so many times in the past, I enjoy feeding women the same lines they used to feed me, and watching the expression on their faces change.

I just told this lady I’m not interested in pursuing anything serious with her. She asked, “is it because I have a kid?”

I replied, “well, yes.”

Now the girl is accusing me of being selfish. But what is wrong with being selfish? I just don’t want to raise other men’s kids. I have the right to be selfish with my resources.

Tafuta @uwesmake akutombe mkundu uwache mehe mehe mingi kama suruali ya maraya you cross eyed matapaka.

Don’t call me that

Nasema, panulia @uwes hio mkundu yako chafu abadilishe diet leo

hakuna kitu humaliza esteem ya kunguru kama hii.:D:D:D

yes, one has to reject some pussy once in a while. but hapo kwa kusema its because of kid, i would say no. Just let her know she ain’t your standard with or without a kid, do it politely.

Learn not to dwell and personalize rejections. It’s a numbers game as @nyundo wa komeo says.

You get rejected and swiftly move on to the next target.


Na si you wanted to fck me and I have three kids and two lovers ? :D:D:D:D:D

Where are those standards ?

Mad respect

Of course I will still fuck you. I will wrap my penis with juala and drill your ass like nobody’s business. Alafu I will ask Maxwell Githita @kanguthu to remove the wrapper with his teeth.

The one in charge of upholding them is doing a very lousy job

Kama unatumianga ata juala my brother you can even fvck an animal. Uko na zero standards.