Women barred from Olympics for being ‘manly’

Running: One day, Annet Negesa was pushing her body to endure and make her the champion she believed she was born to be. On another day, her Olympics dreams were crushed because she was faster, stronger.
Annet Negesa reportedly still harbours intentions to run for her country. She runs every day, with the hope of returning to international competitions one day.
Hers is a case of unfinished business, a dream that was cut short in June 2012 when she received a call from a doctor from track and field’s world governing body telling her, according to the New York Times newspaper - that “she would no longer be competing in the London Olympics because her testosterone levels were too high for competition,” thereby giving her an unfair advantage over other female athletes.
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:smiley: Itakuwa disappointing lakini sidhani. Uliona vile Lance Armstrong alikuwa anapanda milima kama pikipiki?

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It seems to me they’re unfairly targeting African female athletes. Christine Boma from Namibia was also banned from the 400 metres race because of her naturally high testosterone levels.