Women are mad that Avril amesamehe J Blessing. Women live in denial.. Ukishazalishwa na umechapa ukuta, your options are limited

Naona madame are all over social media telling Avril that she deserves better and wondering how a lady like her, who was once one of the hottest female singers in East Africa, can tolerate an abusive baby daddy.
Truth be told, dame akishazaa na umechapa ukuta, her options hua limited. Ama namna gani?

I don’t think the current Avirl can attract a high-value man. Lazima avumilie hio jangili. She claims he has been abusive for 7 years but she has to forgive him fot the sake of thier son

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I told you guys hii kesi ni kama ile ya Rihanna tu. I’m sure Avril amemsamehe juu ni yeye alianza vita. Some women start physical fights, then the man finishes it with a heavyweight punch, lakini dame anakustaki ati umempiga.


Those bitches are inciters, trying to cancel producer banae.

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When a woman acts like a man…treat her like a man…i remember ile legendary uppercut ya the bus driver :green_emoji:

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Maraya mkuu rent payer… a woman should only be punished with a dick


Kinuthia endelea kulamba wanawake matako