Women are living in the past

Me hucheka sana dame akijaribu kuniringia. Its not 1980, siku hizi us men are spoilt for choice mbaya mbovu.
Unapata jamaa ako na harem ya waschana 50-100 right here in kenya. He is looking to add you to his collection. Am sure every talker has a minimum of atleast 3 to choose from. Ni ufisi tu .
Kitambo men had to really struggle to get a woman. Siku hizi unaweza change every single week.
And am not talking about prostitutes. No fuck that shit.
Hii kitu imeloose value sana. Ata the biggest broke losers kama @purp na @Polmos najua they have women at their feet. They can pick and choose.
@Phylgee can u be useful for once na uwekelee maji kwa moto. Kuna kuku nataka kudishi Leo

Women are making those choices actively and willingly. They want their 20s to be full of passion and excitement. And society is encouraging that. About prostitutes; I have repeatedly told you that you are fucking prostitutes and you keep denying it. You are fucking prostitutes my fren. Kabisa.

And there is nothing wrong with prostitutes.

The only problem with prostitutes is that when done right, interaction with a prostitute is like using a human being to wank.

But you can interact with a prostitute in such a way that she is not even looking to be paid after the sex. Which is not the right way to deal with a prostitute.

Charge simu

Sasa Cleveland, Wewe ndio yule msee alisema it’s good to be romantic to prostitutes. :D:D:D:D
Sometimes it's nice to be gentle & romantic to a hooker - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

:D:D:D halafu tukafungiwa waruu na kitabu ya math homework.

World cup ya kudinyana ni when tukuingize huko?


Women from Badoo and tagged don’t count as real women so you are not among the men with options like you claim.

Prostitution is the most demeaning a woman can do to herself. Lakini they say it’s their body so what can you do? Nothing.

If some guy offered you $10m to have sex with him (and he looking ok and not disgusting or anything like that…) and you know that no one would ever find out; would you go for it?

No I would not, that’s a disgusting proposition.

Mi dem akiniambia hivyo tutamaliza hiyo maneno papo hapo hata kama tumesimama

Ask him if a gay man offered to pay him $10m ,would he bend over :D:D:D cc @thesavage

idonnbiliv you…wengine will be like…https://media.tenor.com/images/03dff143dc9593da98f35f6822026471/tenor.gif

Saitan wewe. Kwera kavisa. Kwera huko. Saitan kavisa.

:D:D:D:D case closed. . @Purple you are welcome :wink:

:D:D:D Nilisema kama ni jamaa anamplipa wewe unaharibu maneno… Nimesema ni jamaa anamplipa sio dem. Wewe sasa unaleta maneno ya Mathighs aaaahhhh…hiyo ni foul play.

Heheheeeee… usinulize maswali magumu hivyo…all I know is a lot of money can change hands for makamuzi.

kijana charge iyo Tecno yako kwanza…

na naona unatumia WiFI probably ni ya jirani