women are emotional, you run away they chase

a few months ago, I offered a listening ear to this lady, call her Mercy but not her real name. She is high flying career woman, married to a banker. The kind of milf that gives a boner when the mind strays, dont ask for evidence, sianikangi watu. I knew she is married and decided to avoid any thoughts of hitting on her, so I went cold kiasi, assisting her roho safi but remotely. Eventually, I faded and ignored potential face to face meetings. Fast forward, last week we met at a conference in Dar es Salaam. It was obvious I had been ignoring her, and she being a mature woman, alinishika masharti in a friendly way to explain myself. she pulled me aside for a small talk. I had imbibed a few beers and I asked her “Mercy, can you handle the truth If I told you roho safi…?” she went mum, sipped her wine twice, and then she nodded yes. In my tipsy mood, I told her, “its because I started catching feelings for you, and I know I cant have you.” I continued, “I would rather help you remotely than keep close to some one I cant resit the thought of nailing”. I went ahead to praise her looks like a bad boy would do, explicit terms, then I walked away casually for a refill of my drink and abandoned her. 15 mins later, she came looking for me in the comany of yellow yelows. I smiled sheepishly, knowing what I told her. Long story short, she took me away to her room for some assistance that I was apprarently ignoring. She needed help before her presentaion the folowing day. long story short mjulubeng ililala ndani ndaaaani mbichi that night. My take home message, dont chase women, be yourself. They are also hunting for mjulubeng as we also do, but coyly because the society condemns them more. They will only accomodate a non desperate one.


They are also hunting for mjulubeng as we also do,

Boss hapo juu, unamaanisha nini kaka sikuelewi, Are you also looking for mjulubeng ama…sounds gay




So now do you mean i stop chasing a certain secretary in some office hapo tao and the way we are many juu she will come chasing me???

dry-fry a married woman


Uwongo hawa watu wa kupost vitu kama hizi at 1 am when everyone is fast asleep are renowned wankers and “hallucinationists”.

Catching feelings means the opposite of what you meant. caveman detected

He’s a - Wakimwaga, tunateleza battalion.


hizi ni @kelele tuu

mbona me sijawahi patana na vitu kama hizi rahisi rahisi??

kuna kitu wewe hukuli? luwere

[SIZE=6][ATTACH=full]164338[/ATTACH]nigga whaaat?!!![/SIZE]


Halafu ukaamka ukapata ‘umekojolea’ kitanda

Hunt for mjuols pekee yako. We hunt for pxssy