Women are deluded

Shoot your shot:

"Hello Doc.
Lemme try my luck today on Shoot your shot.
I’d ufiche vizuri replacement fee I very high :joy:
About me: I’m a girl toto 27 years of age.
I’m a mom to 3 kids and I don’t need more.
I’m curvey and beautiful.
I love cooking, talking walks, watching and going out once in a while.
Not financially stable but getting there.
I’m a drama free person and peace is very important to me.

About him: A gentleman of age 35-45.
Someone who doesn’t want kids. But if he has any that very much okay with me.
Please be open minded and good in bed coz I wanna explore all the adventures that are there in the seigs world.
Be fainacially stable because we can’t be both struggling.
Don’t be a smoker if you are 420 friendly that’s allowed.
Be neat and smell nice .
No tribe is limited but my preference would be more on Kikuyu guys .

You can reach me on [email protected]"




She should just state that Shes looking for a man who is still breathing. Hiyo tu.


A man who doesn’t want children yet here she is with three of them. A man who doesn’t want his own children will not want you with not just one but three of them.
ATI financially stable coz we can’t both be struggling. She is struggling because she has three other mouths to feed. I bet if she had none or just one she wouldn’t be in her current predicament
Lakini hii gender.


“Please be open minded and good in bed coz I wanna explore all the adventures that are there in the seigs world.”

So the 3 baby daddies didn’t do enough


Maliseeni iyo maraya msee inakaa kuwa alter ego ya @TrumanCapote


Elders kazi kwenu…kuleni na kuingia mitini

Hiyo Facebook page hukua na delulus sana. And that time she has paid 1000 bob for that post to be made


:joy: why is it most of these women after being single mothers shy away from luo/luhya men saw a similar post here and she also didn’t prefer them
Akina jatelos and omwamis kwani huwa mnafanya nini the daughters of maumau


@Eng_iti another singo matha for you to save.

#clownworld :clown_face::clown_face:

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3 kids akubali tuu she is screwed. So hizo terms and conditions sijui anawekea nani juu most men wont stick around after smashing, assuming she is pretty.


Most prolly ndio walimkula wakamuacha na mzigo ya watoto watatu. Ama walimpa character development ile hana nguvu ya kurudi huko.


Mind you she’s 27 with 3 kids already. And the qualities she’s looking for in a gentleman she will have to compete with 20, 21, 22 year old girls, some with no kids :rofl:


When they are young fresh goods they call it dickmatization
When they become damaged goods is when they wouldn’t mind an average size …we ndo unaletewa mtaro uchimbe
Single mothers ain’t shit


msichana ako 27 na watoto watatu anataka mwanaume ako financially stable alafu anataka mwanaume hataki watoto? kwani anavuta nyasore gani hii.?


3 kids in a 27 yo who lists good sex as a priority means chances are skyhigh you’ll be dealing with 3 Embobut mafia kwa background


…three kids? She’s not serious. Huyo mumama hajaona ya dunia and she’s financially struggling. Ashatupa mbao.

Her only hope is here, she’s beautiful and curvy.

Sasa hii inasaidia na nini?

Analeta tu matako…


…na mwanaume apambane na mzigo.


Anajipata ye ni third wife or baby mama

Na hii economy which man on earth will even entertain the thought of domesticating a bitch and her 3 bastards?? The jokes keep writing themselves.


1 kid is already pushing the limits of most men. 3?? If she is hot she will just keep getting pumped and dumped because that’s what she is good for - casual sex only.

Based on her lofty requirements, I think she is goodlooking and that’s why she thinks that she can find a man who meets her requirements. Those are the guys smashing her at the moment and dropping her like a hot potato when they get enough of her pussy.

The most deluded group of people you will ever meet are hot single mothers. Women can’t tell the difference between being a good lay, and being a good candidate for marriage. A hot single mother of 3 is a good lay but a terrible candidate for marriage. In her head, she thinks that she deserves to marry the type of men she sleeps with. That’s why most of them think that men are assholes.

A woman can he hot enough to attract her dream man, but have too much baggage to retain him. So those types of guys that she likes will keep hitting and quitting leaving her wondering why all men are the same (hitters and quitters).


Iyo ni mwenda, 'wapi kinothia"whips"