Women are complicated creatures

Seating at the balcony smoking weed pondering the type of disagreements I have with my wife, and my conclusion is that women are complicated more than rocket science.
I buy telkom credit of 100bob daily for computer usage. Now, figured to install Safaricom fibre at same cost monthly. I call the installation guys, they come, they install, and soon as they are gone first thing missus tells me is, “why didnt you consult me? I feel you do not consider me… I feel we are not being partners… blah blah blah”
Another time, she was asleep then I said to myself to go and get the milk as I was going to replenish my weed stock. On coming back, am met with the some kind of ingratitude. She doesnt appreciate my going to buy milk. Instead she enters into a tirade about how I should not have gone for the milk without her blah blah blah…
Women are too complicated…
puffs blunt

jesus christ bado shule hazijafunguliwa hii utoto ituondokee

U married a class 4 dropout…congrats

I am older than you miserable cunt

Utter and total nonsense. Enda panguza kamasi

You are married to a teenager…


Rudi darasani, class monitor atakusort.

I must have been a paedophile then to impregnate a child who is a teenager now bearing kids. Ktalkers now compete to unleash meaningless tackles

Fundah ya kijabe

What a waste of my time…

Why did you stop her from smoking ganja? That’s how and where you met, remember?

Going to buy milk without her? Seriously?

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ,kuja ona boiling the frog syndrome suspect,beta male problems can’t relate.

It’s a figure of speech … it means she is immature but you are too stupid to see it.

Now why did you go buy milk without your wife?

Wacha umama. Why should a man buy milk without consulting which brand she likes best?

Na ukienda kununua gari ,will she bring the whole village ? Women are not complicated .just that you married a very immature and needy person and you fail shit test after shit test

Wewe ndio huwa na post za utoto ,just go through them slowly

Wacha bhangi kijana. Utakuwa mjinga.