Women Are Cheap

Wanaeza kupea ata ukikkaa baboon. Borako pesa


Money is power, nothing new here. Lakini huyo dame ni kama alimset up… the allegations from others might be true lakini huyu alikuwa very agreeable to everything according to hiyo video alirecord secretly.

What is all this shit about? MTU kutombwa ndio apate opportunity ni mbaya?

This thing of someone being raped and then filing civil charges to get money is very interesting. Her eyes are very shifty when she’s describing the rape.

Anajua alipeana hiyo kitu. She’s just riding the metoo wave

Hawezi pita lie detector test uyo.

UWONGO…from the first hug she should have left if she felt unsafe…dame ana chocha

If I was him I would turn this thing on its head. Just write a detailed account of every hollyweird actress who jumped in the sack with him to advance their career. He should reveal every sordid detail of what they did to get ahead.

Wakimwaga ugaliunamwagakitoweo. He should also reveal what everyone else did for everyone else. Aanikw Hii kitu. His last proverbial “fuck you”