Women and the Wall

I’ll be hitting 30 this year and life is starting to get very intresting. Back when I was in campus chicks my age had the world in the palm of their hands. I remember how me and my friends wished we were born girls. Nilikua nikiskia vibaya nikiona madame wakipata kilakitu wanataka. Some were even taken on trips to south africa and dubai just coz of possesing the pussy. Even when it came to studies they lecturers would never fail them (you know how it works)…

After all the frustrations of being a young i came to fully understand nature. Nature wants youth and fertility from a woman and resources from a man. Since youth and fertility fade very fast then this implies that there has to be a ‘wall’ which girls hit. In my experience they start hitting it at 27. Ofcourse if u become obese or get a child out of wedlock early then u will also have hit the wall. It is also in this age (late twenties) that guys start to make it. What we get now is the term ‘The Dating Power Flip’. I’m telling you this is the best time to be a guy (ofcourse only if u were hardworking and persistent). Never have I seen girls my age acting so desperately. They are in total PANIC MODE, and it will only get worse for them. What does this mean to team mafisi; free panicking pussy. Wale walikua wanakuringia campo sasa wanakupigia magoti. We now own both young and old pussy and boy does it feel rewarding after all that suffering.

How has your experience of this power flip been like? Are there any chicks u knew from back in the day who have hit the wall mpaka you feel sorry for them?

Btw, The Wall doesn’t apply to girls who got married. My advice to young girls is simple; Use your youth and beauty to find and marry a decent hardworking guy so that your future is secured. Don’t use it to get free drinks and holidays overseas lest you hit the wall head on. Look at girls in their thirties and learn from them. Nature is very cruel and it won’t care about you once you lose your value



Have you fantasised of another nirvana mate? No such thing exists

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Shida ya the ‘free panicking pussy’ is that it comes with strings attached.

free pussy is free pussy! period!

ukweli mtupu


There’s nothing like a free pussy. Iwe ya desperado au la.

At 30 if that is your line of thought you are in trouble. Don’t you think its quite frivolous that payback is hitting desperate pussy? Hauna self value ama class? Yawa!

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quite true the best age to be a guy is between 27 yrs and 40 yrs, you most likely have your first car in your late twenties even if it is a Galant :KAT", have some money that can lead a relatively comfy life, and as you move up, any pussy that is over eighteen is game. I don’t know about women.

Who determines that a guy is in trouble at 30 with that line of thought? the young man is simply enjoying life simple as that and making his own investments, he does not have to be bound by the biological clock of women

set ground rules earlier on to avoid any “Misunderstandings”


Hi @MaryJane fancy seeing you here.

My sentiments exactly. . At 30, a guy should be mature enough to know what he wants; maybe settle down and make a life of his own.
Si looking back and “hitting desperate p***ys” that he couldn’t afford 10yrs ago. 30 is an age of maturity. An age you are expected to have learned what life is all about…

Granted, many girls make mistakes at campo, but what will be the difference between them and you if you "hit every p****y " now because you have “made it”?

I knew an innocent teen a while back who confided in us that she can do anything for money. Eti, ‘kwani nini, hii sabuni haikwishi? as long as mulla unayo, twanga kitu.’
We laughed about it. She was about a year out of fourth form back then and she had the body and looks that makes men wank in absentia. She still has. I happened to tap it then and she wasn’t bad at all.
Fast forward three years later, the chick is loaded like a duck. We don’t speak much nowadays, she is outta my league, drives a 4x4 bought in the lines of 6 zeros, shifted from eastlando to the Karen Suburbs in a posh mansion. And don’t forget the designer clothes. So all we have to say is, ‘hio ni mtaro’ but deep inside you realise that she is a dreamer, and a go getter. She might loose the connection in future, maybe, but she has her foundation cast in strong concrete. Hajaolewa bado but I gather she is housed by a geezer tycoon, who happens to have no wife, but has a kid apparently.


Hi @trish, i am trying to be very calm at your argument there. So these ladies ignore your sorry arse in campus and are out there having epic fun and you should remain mature and take them back when they are done having fun ati sasa wameona the light and they love you!

What @Father Figure is saying is that he can now have the same kinda fun that you were having in campus. Ile pussy yote alinyimwa anaipata 100 fold sasa vile he has made it now


can see the pink handles are out in force. this article is spot on. nature is a cruel master and every dog has its day…this is the problem with women. very selfish. you wanna have fun in your prime but a man cannot have his fun because he should be mature??? do me a favour please…gerrararahia :cool:
and btw men hit maturity at 35. any earlier is a bonus


what they do not understand is that it is not your goal to tap the desperate pussy since at that age much younger pussy is almost always assured, but who would pass then when they throw themselves at you? most would hit it just for fun since their shelf life is quite short. In short we are saying, Men peak later on in their 20’s and they should not be bound by the female-construed rules that “We should now settle down if you do not do that you are immature” nope we may as well settle at 38 yrs. It is now time to reap from the hard work, go on exotic holidays and enjoy life, we shall always go back and marry that 26 or 27 year old lady when we feel time is right not according to the time table set by the women in our age group. Nature and Biology just acts differently on the two genders.

EDIT: Oh and I hit 28 this year


She’s not saying you take them back. She’s saying jishughulishe na vitu haziinvolve ‘payback’.

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and tag along a campus girl with you…or even two, or even three…i say, as many as is possible


Acha uchungu nani…

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