Women and LOVE

Heh. All I can say is that from personal life experience and observation is that the only reason a woman will find a reason to leave a man is if she doesn’t love him. She will meet another guy who has the same qualities she rejected the other guy for and she won’t even notice them especially if it was love at first sight for her. A woman will say I can’t date this and that but let her just fall in love hutawai skia hio story tena now she’s the one who will be making excuses for him. Sijui Mungu alituumba aje but for you to leave your family and go away with some guy takes alot, alot, ALOT of love. God bless the lovely missionary lady. Karibu Kenia Mama, us we are looking for junguus but ya Mungu ni Mengi we may even fall in love with Alshabab and go to Somalia huko kwa desert bcz of hii wazimu sisi huita love. Unfortunately for me all the men I loved from my heart, love at first sight were promoted to glory so Sijui if they had told me tuende kuishi ocha ninge enda coz manze hii Maisha ya ocha joh… But who knows? I was not born in a Coastal town but I fit in like nobody’s business, you should see me cooking pilau with firewood, cooking ugali the mijikenda way and picking the various types of sea food uneza fikiria I was born there. I love the culture and the place and plan to spend my sunset days there. Its a beautiful thing to be dynamic like women. You can also fall in love with a place and its people and their culture. Subscribe. This is a very informative channel for those who never spent much time in shags and don’t know much about village life.



Your caption was on point… Like a published article, not watching the video though, I was born in a small town beneath the mountain 4 generations in.